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 Is there a test you can take to see if your allergic to cats?
can your doctor do a test to see if your allergic to cats? I think my daughter is allergic to ...

 I don't have a cold so why is my nose constantly clogged?
my nose is always clogged and runny, sometimes i even start sneezing non-stop. it says on the bottle its not good to use the nasal spray frequently, what can i do? could it be that i have a cat?...

 Don't you think that all these people who claim they have a food allergy is all a big con?
it was unheard of 30 years ago. now you have people who are allergic to nuts, mils , eggs, even if they see nuts or smell them they claimthey can have an attack....

 what's the best way to get rid of a blocked nose?

 my eyes are itchy;my throat hurts; stuffy nose and i've been sneezing ALOT;?
since this is allergy season; maybee its that right?
what shouldd i do soo that they GO AWAY!...

 Help I'm allergic to anything made of matter. What do I do?

 am i allergic to chapstick?
i've been using it my whole life (well i'm thirteen)

and i dont know why but i found this cool looking chapstick
so i bought it,
it was this silver looking one.

 Is it possible to be allergic to popcorn?
Hello I have a really bad case of, I don't know if it is hives but there are a lot of bumps that are making me itch and a really bad stomach ache and it started since I ate two bowls of popcorn ...

Okay my WHOLE body itches. Literally, head to toe. I have not changed soaps, laundry detergant, and I lotion my body A LOT so I do no think it is dry skin.AND it is NOT an allergic reaction. Even my ...

 Can an allergy make you crazy.............?
Seriously......I just heard crap in my life but this one is just taking a micky.

 What's the best way to get rid of house dust mites?

 I have the WORST stuffy nose ever...?
I always get alergies in mid-April and they last about a month. Well this year they have been VERY bad, way worse than last year. My eyes have stopped itching and watering, and I'm not itchy or ...

 Bloody Taste In My Mouth?
For the past few days, when I wake up I have a bloody taste in my mouth. I haven't had any kind of problems in my mouth, but I have had a cold and have been coughing for the past few days. Any ...

 i need people to help me out!! please i am begging!!?
okay well my teacher Dr. Ventura, wants me and my class mates to take, like a survey each! please it is worth 500POINTS!!! thats two letter grades!!! We want to see what is the most common allergy ...

 Am I allergic to cake?
Everytime I eat a birthday cake I always get a headache and I started having this thing since I was 10.
Additional Details
I dont eat too much cake or anything and I dont eat the full ...

 my hamster drinks alot should i be worried?

 am i lactose and tolerant? please help 10 points!?
okay my stomachs been hurting all day and a little bit yesterday.ive had cereal for the last three days and every night ive been eating ice cream
this morning i had diarrhea and stomach cramps ...

 Is it possible to be allergic to water or the chlorine in the water?

 Is anyone allergic to something they really wished they weren't?
I can not eat chocolate because I get severe migranes if I do.
I love it but it isn't worth being in bed for days at a time for.
Additional Details
The Lone Wayfarer,aww,so ...

 i have this feeling in my throat is it serious?
i have this fuzzy like feeling in my throght is it anything serious?my mom thinks it may be just allergies
Additional Details
yea i live in phoenix arizona so there is alot of dust so ...

Can you be allergic to Egg?
The last few times I have eaten egg... say on toast or scrambled or an omelette or something I have been really sick and thrown up. But i have eaten things containing egg and been fine... is it possible that I am allergic?

I believe that eggs contain lactose and if you have a sensitivity to that then you will feel ill after eating egg.

yea. I think you can be alregic to eggs. Maybe the plain eggs you have been eating are to strong for your stomach or something like that. Maybe, if you have to eat those eggs, eat a smaller amount. otherwise i would avoid eating them.

You may have an allergy or a simple intolerance. An allergy would affect you eating ANYTHING with eggs (waffles, cake, etc). An intolerance would give you fits only with the pure product.

Note to Pinkpassionfruit:

I didn't know eggs contained lactose so I did some searching. Apparently, it depends on what the hens were fed. Many hens are fed a lactose derivative as a carbohydrate. Also, there are high and low levels of lactose intolerance. People with a low level can safely eat eggs in moderation while those with high levels need to avoid egg products.
Thanks for teaching me something I didn't know

Yes, you could be allergic, but eggs can also give you an indigestion or food poisoning if they are not properly cooked.

jackie m
if you had egg allergy it would be anything with eggs, coleslaw, cakes etc.

You can be allergic to almost anything. I dunno if you've seen it, but in one episode of "That 70's Show", Kelso drank a cup of raw eggs and his face swelled horribly lol.

I don't think you're allergic though, maybe the stuff that made you sick wasn't cooked right or something.

Yes,my teacher is allergic to egg

yes, I think people can be allergic to the yolk x

gangadharan nair
Disease-causing Salmonella species have recently been re-classified into a single species, Salmonella enterica, which has numerous serovars. Salmonella Typhi causes typhoid fever. Other salmonellae are frequent causes of foodborne illness, especially from poultry and raw eggs and more generally from food that has been cooked or frozen and not eaten straight away.

Michael Nelson 63
Yes all eggs contain proteins that can trigger an allergic reaction . most of these are in the Yolks rather than the white which is mostly albumen.

try for an allergy test or do self trial try just egg white and see if that has any reaction. also remember the allergy could be wheat or cheese or milk rather than the egg.

Yes and it's pretty common, but its an intolerence rather than an allergy.

Same happens with milk intolerence. Many people with it can't digest milk itself, but are fine with it cooked into a recipe.

yes. Also, be careful about getting a flu shot. I think if you're allergic to eggs, you can't get the flu shot. But double check that.

i am allergic to raw egg but can have things containing it

Yes- it is possible to be allergic to practically anything, especially food. Lots of food nowadays is being genetically modified, and as that happens, the number of food allergies has skyrocketed.

Also, when you look at an egg by itself versus the amount of egg used in other foods, such as bread, the amount and concentration of the egg is vastly different. Your body may be able to tolerate the small quantities of egg in other foods but may not be able to handle an entire egg.

If you really want to find out if you are allergic, it is best to go see your doctor and ask to see if you can be tested for this allergy.

You can be allergic to almost anything, hon.

Edit: To Zoe F, who the hell eats duck eggs? Eww

yup.. my little brother was but a few yrs on he can eat it! all he did was keep away from it and foods that have egg in them such as cake i remember on my b-day he ate some cake then throw it up again!

ping pong

yes thats a fairly common allergy. you can be allergic to absolutely anything.

Hey Lady!
Yes, you can definitely have egg allergies.

stu d
you can be allergic to anything....

yes you can be allergic

Zoe F
my mums allergic to duck egg, but is ok when its mixed with other thnigs, sounds like you have an intolerence not an allergic reaction!

You can be allergic to eggs but it sounds as though you have an intolerance not an allergy. If you were allergic to egg you not be able to eat it in any form.

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