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 Well I am getting a lot of stuffy nose and watery eyes and I also have a itchy nose!?
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Can i be allergic to bananas, tomatoes, and cucumbers?
Okay this may sound weird but bananas, tomatoes, cucumbers, and some other fruits and veggies make my mouth and throat itch. Is it possible that i could be allergic to some fruits and veggies?

When I eat certain fresh fruit or vegetables, like watermelon, raw celery or green pepper, strawberries, cantaloupe, etc. my throat closes up and the inside of my ears itch. Never had it with bananas and I dont eat raw tomatoes but yes, it is possible. I never had these reactions before a couple years ago...

Jay L
yes I guess you can

Please Help Me
I believe so, allergies can have many affects to the body, not just sneezing and coughing. It is, I believe, possible to be allergic to such things, your genetics control what you can and cannot be allergic to. I'm not a specialist on such things, but my opinion I hope helps you if no quality answers are given.

Yes, your body could just get stupid and be allergic to anything at anytime in your life .

Blueberry-Flavored Hamster
well, Im not sure for tomatos/cucmbers... but I know bananas are apart of the RAGWEED family, I am allergic to them too!

Considering your symptoms, it sounds like you are.

Yes, it is called oral allergy syndrome. It is linked with pollen allergies. I used to be allergic to nearly all raw fruits and vegetables. After being on allergy desensitization shots for five years for my pollen allergies, my allergy to raw fruits and vegetables went away. Now I can actually eat salad.

maybe it's more of skin condition.... could it be that they are not washed correctly?

E.M. Rosenberg
The simple answer is Yes, you may be allergic. It is also possible to be allergic to pesticides used on the vegetables as well. You may also have a slight latex allergy also, so be cautious of this aspect.

Fruit-pollen syndrome, as it's also called, is far less dangerous than food allergies to milk, eggs, wheat products, or peanuts. These so-called priority allergies trigger systemic reactions and are more likely to induce a fatal response, says Antony Ham Pong, a consultant in allergy and asthma at Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa.
It's that pesky allergy to tree, grass, and weed pollens that explains why a carrot stick or a wedge of watermelon can become the enemy. The pollen molecules of certain trees (birch, alder, and poplar, for example) and weeds are so similar in structure to the proteins in certain raw fruits and vegetables that one of the body's natural defenses against allergens—an antibody called immunoglobulin E—can't tell the difference. When the antibody binds to the fruit or vegetable protein, anyone allergic to the similar pollens may develop an immune response that usually lasts only for a few, if uncomfortable, minutes. In rare instances, the reaction can bypass the mouth and enter the gastrointestinal tract, causing cramps and nausea.

With mild allergies, sometimes just peeling the fruit is enough to solve the problem, as most of the allergy-inducing proteins are found in the peel or skin. Ham Pong recommends placing the fruit or vegetable in the microwave for around 30 seconds—just enough time for heat to denature the proteins but not long enough to cook the fruit.

If all else fails and you still want toeat these fruits, try a premedication of no more than 25 miligrams of benadryl 30 minutes before eating the fruit. Be careful as this treatment can cause drowsiness.

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