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wow all great answers thanks
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 I'm allergic to cats, but I have one! Besides getting rid of the cat, what can I do to help me?

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[email protected]
Can a school ban all kids from brining food w/nuts if one kid is allergic to nuts?

kathy c
if its a catholic or private school mayb i went to a catholic school n if a kid brought peanut butter or ne thing w nuts they couldnt eat it

Yes! And they should. If something happens to that child the whole district would be in trouble!

Most likely not...there's this guy in my school who is allergic to dairy, but they still sell cheese, milk and other foods containing trace amounts of dairy at my school.

yes!!! this one kid who lives in utah is deathly allergic and there's a plaque next to the office that says "it's a peanut free environment"......

I'm allergic to nuts and it basically depends on how severe the allergy is. At my old school they had a special table that was nut free. If its too bad though, the kid thats allergic might have to eat in a different room, because I don't think that they can make it so that no one has nuts.

Dawn H
No... it would be impossible to determine what has nuts in it, because many processed foods are processed in factories where nuts maybe processed. (which is also a risk to someone allergic to nuts and nut products)

Not every parent of students can check the label of everything they put in their kids' lunch.. Its impossible.

There are plenty of kids allergic to milk and dairy too, or bee stings.. Are they going to disallow milk, and are they really going to try to kill every bee in the school.

I would say no, and if they cause trouble, bring up my point.

yes and for very good reason. The child could die from an exposure

Katie Girl
I don't see how that's possible. Just because someone is allergic doesn't mean that everyone has to give up that item. The person who is allergic needs to make sure they don't touch anything that that food product touched or eat any, it's their responsibility not everyone elses.

Yes, they are allowed, and it helps the allergic family knowing that their child is going into an environment where there is less risk of death. However, this gives a false sense of security to the allergic child, since you can't possibly monitor everything that every child brings to the table for traces of allergen, and who knows which kid had peanut butter that morning and did not wash his hands afterwards? I am a mother of a severely allergic child, and although I like the fact that the risk of a peanut being right next to my child is diminished, I think the responsibility lies on me to teach my child not te EVER share foods, to wash his hands frequently, to have him carry his Epi-Pen with him always, and to make sure that everyone around him knows the symptoms of an allergic reaction, and how to use the medication.

Yes, they have the authority to do that; mostly because they don't want to be held responsible if those nuts somehow make their way to the allergic kid while under the school's care.

is he like deathly-get-a-whiff-of-nuts allergic..then maybe, but other wise I wouldn't think so. Unless the kid is an imbecile and doesn't know what he's eating and all the kids plan to shove nuts down his throat...good luck with..your...uh. nut problem

Are they capable yes. Allowed to, probably not. The school would probably place them in a separate section of the school for them to eat lunch

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