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Can a milk allergy develop in one years old, who drink cow's milk for the 1st time?
I breast fed my baby for the 1st year w/no problems w/dairy allergies; now she is having major skin reactions that are similar to what is described w/dairy allergies now that I have introduced cow's milk. I drank a ton a milk while breasfeeding & she was always fine. Is there a difference in the effect of the allergic reaction between traces of cow's milk in breastmilk vs. straight whole cow's milk???

cow's milk doesn't cross into breast milk, so your little one never had any. It is quite common for nursing babies to have allergies to cow's milk. I put both my sons on soy milk, they did just fine.

Hurray for the ANGELS!
Humans dont digest cows milk as efficiently as breastmilk. The fact that you digested the cows milk before it went through your system is why she never showed a reaction. try soy and ask your doctor if it is best to take her off the milk completely. she might be lactose intolerant. Soy is better for girls than for boys anyways.

I would say that she is allergic to cows milk. Ask your GP to test for it. Try soya milk or goats milk.

try soya babys milk

Yes to both of your questions.

allergies can develop at any time even to something you ate before with no problem

to really find out though you need to take her to an allergist because it could be something else altogether

ask your doctor. we are not experts

i breast fed my son for 1 month but stopped because he would vomit right after he drank. he would vomit on all formulas except NUTRAMIGEN. tried cows milk when 1 and he also vomited. on soy milk now and he is fine. he is also allergic to oatmeal.

get this..after having him, i too became allergic to cows milk. i didn't vomit but had bad diahrea. i too now drink his soy milk.stop for 1week giving cows milk . but also see doc.

My aunt was allergic when she was a child, so she drank either goat's milk or soy milk.

You could try avoiding cow's milk for two or three weeks and see if her skin clears up. Have you done anything else differently, like changing laundry detergents?

i reckon so ...my daughter had the same reaction -we tried goats milk which worked


Yes it is possible. It is medically known as a LACTOSE INTOLERANCE. Cows milk is converted in your body and much less potent as breast milk !! Your best bet is to put your baby on Soya milk. But please check with your GP/ District Nurse first. Good Luck !!

Yes - she can definitely develop an allergy. Though she just has a rash now, it could develop into something much more dangerous pretty quickly. Call your doc ASAP and get some advice on what to feed her until you can get into a pediatric allergist. And get to the allergist ASAP.

I think it is possible to develop the allergy at a year. try using soya milk.

A child has a different immunity to allergies and diseases while breast feeding.
If she's having skin reactions like that, TAKE HER OFF DAIRY, it's NOT WORTH IT!! So many people are allergic to dairy and don't realize it. This country is so controlled by capitalism that it'll tell you anything's good for you. Dairy isn't good for you. It causes mucus production, which increases the risk of catching colds. Its calcium is bound with casein, and unless you have the same huge amounts of lactase enzyme in your system like a cow, you're not going to be able to use much of the calcium.
Please, please use a soy-based alternative. Or almond milk, or rice milk. There are so many healthier options.
Also, cow's milk is made for cows. Human milk is for humans. Calves would do horribly on a human milk diet, so why do we put ourselves on a cow milk diet? Cow milk is designed for the calf to put on weight quickly, so unless we're trying to get a 400-pound baby out of the deal, it's probably good to stick with human milk or plant-based alternatives. No lactations from other species.

you need to take her to the doctor, so he can do some allergy tests. Sometimes babies can develop eczema and it could just be a coincidence that it came about the same time she went on to cows milk.

It seems to be the in thing to take kids off cows milk these days. If she is allergic then fine, but my nephew had the same thing. it was simply eczema.

monica r
Tell your doctor that you would like your child to be tested for allergies. a simple blood work can tell them most. Good thing is your baby is old enoug to grow out of allergies.


Lynn S
Then she in not being exposed to cows milk for the first time, some of the proteins will have been present in your breast milk. That said, they may have been present enough to trigger her immune system to react to the proteins, but at insufficient levels to cause a full blow skin flare up. Now she is having it straight it is in much higher quantities and this may explain why she is reacting.
Interesting thing about allergies, it is impossible to have a reaction on first exposure, that is when the immune system first encounters it and works out what to do next time. On the second exposure however it is possible to react.
Speak to your GP about alternatives, I wouldn't suggest soya because 30% of the proteins in cows milk and soya milk are identical, so it does not help for a significant number of patients, also it is very low in calcium. A hydrolysate milk may be a better alternative and can be prescribed.
Also be aware that cows milk allergy and lactose intolerance are two completely different conditions, some people will insist they are the same thing but they have no link. Lactose intolerant people cannot break down milk sugars and get severe gut reactions due to fermentation, Milk allergy is an immune response to milk proteins.

Yes , your baby could have an allrgy to cow's milk as i had a friend who was the only one in her family who had an allergy to all dairy products , she had to have soya milk etc but she did find an ice cream in sainsburys , it was a swedish glace but was dairy free and tasted fab , just thought if you found your baby did have an allergy it might be a nice treat . good luck .

Yes my daughter was allergiec to cows milk,as well as soy milk.. She a level 5 on the charts....She drinks rice milk and has since infancy..We realized because she was always crying, projectile vomiting and not gaining weight, so we had her tested. By this time her intestines were so inflamed they had to put her meds to calm them..She is now 4 and tiny for her size and is still allergic to milk, soy milk, eggs, peanuts, and shelllfish.. She also still has eczema break outs when she eats certain foods like ketchup. So it is very possible..

Yes. I know of many women, myself included, that have breastfed a child that has ended up with a dairy allergy. When looking back at it my son had symptoms that I didn't associate with an allergy until I moved him to soy formula and they cleared up. Has your baby had a constant stuffy, or runny nose? Do they spit up a lot, what about being really fussy? Skin rash? These are just some of the many symptoms of a food allergy.

Remove the cow's milk (and ALL things that contain dairy) from baby's diet and then take him/her to get allergy tested. 12 months old is NOT to young to be successfully tested.

I also recommend not trying any of animal milk until talking with your child's doctor. Many kids that are allergic to cow's milk can not handle goat, sheep, buffalo, etc... either.


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