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 Can allergies (runny nose, sneezing & watery eyes) turn into a sinus infection?

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wow all great answers thanks
my son has allergies and he has them all year we got a apt to find out what exactly causes it i think dust and this house gets it ...

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I took 2 pills one hour ago and now I am dizzy and nauseous. Is this normal?
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Thanks everyone! Turns out that it was making me incredibly sleepy. That was definitely ...

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When a grocery store is giving out free samples, if you ask the person in charge if it contains a certain ingredient because you are allergic to it; if the person assures you that it does not and you ...

Zelda Lover
Can't stop Coughing?
i've been coughing for a couple weeks
no symptoms of cold or fever
any advice please?
Additional Details
also have no allergies, despite the mistakened category

make a mixture of white vinegar and honey microwave it and take a tablespoon every hour...it should settle it down...good luck and hope you feel better soon.

Is the cough productive? iow do you bring up anything from coughing? If it is any color other than white, see a doctor.

A dry cough is almost always due to environmental factors. In the summer air conditioning pulls moisture out of the air, you may need a humidifier if that is the case. Drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated, at least 2 liters a day is recommended.

Lake Lover
A chronic, annoying cough could be asthma.

This is ragweed season. My daughter would constantly cough every year this time and she also would get sinus problems.

Have you ever tried Clairitin-D? I use that and will probably need to get tested for allergies.

You might want to get screened for typical allergies like dust, ragweed, cats, dogs, molds, etc.

ruby doo
The top 3 causes of chronic cough are post nasal drip from a sinus infection, asthma, or acid reflux. Go see an allergist to get an asthma test, CT scan of your sinuses, chest xray, and perhaps a trial on reflux meds. Good luck.

Ashok Pipal (India)
Two weeks of cough without any known reason could be symptoms of tuberculosis. You must see a doctor.

You can get allergies at any time in your life.
Sinus drainage can cause coughing.
Take a decongestant or cold medicine.
Drink more water.

take a teaspoon (5ml) of pure honey 3-4 times a day...you can add it to your coffee,or take it straight from the spoon.honey is a natural anti-septic.

Donna A
How do you know you don't have allergies? Your cough could be from post nasal drip.....
That can be from food allergies or from plants or animals. At this time of year there are so many things out there. Lots of pollen and all the insects that shed their skins. Insect dander..
I would try Sudafed Liqui Gels. They are blue capsules. The directions say 2 every 4 hours. I have found that one a day is sufficient to keep the sinuses from filling up.
Some people are allergic to milk products and it causes them to have the drip. They are always clearing their throats while talking. Good luck.

Do you smoke? That would be the most logical explanation. If not, you might want to see a Doc.

Leslie D
If it's been a couple weeks, you really ought to be talking to a doctor to rule out anything serious.

I would go to the doctor myself. You see, I had a similar situation and it turned out to be an inflamed esophagus from stomach acids (I thought it was asthma.) As the doctor examines you he/she will ask tons of questions. They have a lot of great knowledge stored in their heads and may well solve your issue right away. I sure was glad I went to my doctor for the coughing ... now I am on a medication which has given me my life back! And all due to too much cola ...

i would say just drink soft drink as cold as u can n eat ice cream// and continue doing and eating ur food normally but do not forget cold items that i have mentioned above

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