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 every time i cut an onion, i seem to tear up, could this be some sort of allergic reaction?
I tried to wash my eyes out with water and then recut them, but it continued. Should I see a doctor and what do you think I should or can do about this?

Thanks in advance....

 are hives dangerous?!??!?
are hives dangerous??? can hey lead to death??? can they lead to something more serious???

how long will it take for it to clear up?? do i need to seek medical help immediately?


 I am allergic to my favorite necklace!! how can i fix this?
My favorite necklace is a really pretty heart that looks like a locket and I love it. Anyways, it is silver and I am allergic to everything silver. When I wear my necklace after a few hours I get a ...

 Is it possible to have a adverse reaction to..?
Chlorine and Sodium Chloride? I mean just.. Anything chloride related like even in shower gels and stuff like that. Anything that is a Chloride compound.
Thanks ...

 Can you be allergic to anti-allergy medications?

 I am lactose intolerant...?
....and I hate the taste of Soy Milk. Just ugh.
I have heard of Lactose-Free Milk, or lactaid.
People have said that they like the taste of lactose free milk, people have said there is no ...

 Is this a typical allergic reaction or is it herpes?
My son is 18, when he drinks milk, or some brands of ice cream, and use crest toothpaste.. and chapstick of all kinds...

his lips would swell up the next day and secrete a sticky liquid. ...

 My nephew has a peanut allergy? can he eat coconuts?
Im making cookies for my nephews family, one ingredient is coconut flakes. If he is allergic to Peanuts, will he be allergic to coconuts too?...

 Can you get an allergy from an anti allergy drug?

 How do I blow my nose effectively?
I have a stuffy/runny nose, and I've gone through countless tissues. Does anyone have any tips on how to blow my nose effectively so I don't have to use so many tissues? I want to get all ...

 How to get rid of a stuffy nose without medicine?
I have a really stuffy nose and I want to get rid of it INSTANTLY without using meds? Tips please?...

 How long after a cat or dog has been in a house is it safe to assume all the pet dander has died?
I know that after someone gets rid of their cat/dog it takes time before all the dander is removed from the house and people with allergies can be okay. I was just wondering if anyone knew the exact ...

 anyone know how to treat rashes(like) in arms..they look like goose bumps and they're not itchy.?

 is acne an allergy ?? is acne an allergy ?

 anybody sick right now or getting sick?
i can't get rid of this cold. sneezyin,sore throat no fever tho....

 why have I got puffy eyes?
My eyelids are puffy, the first one 2 days ago, it was itchy and I rubbed it then woke up with it all puffy and almost swollen shut. It seemed like it was because I rubbed it. After 1 day it went ...

 are expired allergy meds ok to take?
I have some severe allergies going on right now. I live in kentucky, and this time of year we have pollen, hay being cut, and tons of humidity....My allergies are going crazy right now! when i blow ...

 If you are lactose intolerant, can you still consume soy milk?
Isn't it still considered dairy? When I drink cows milk, my eczema will flare and I will be moody. So is Soy milk still considered safe?...

 Is it possible for a person to be allergic to alcohol?
My friend doesn't drink or consume any foods with alcohol in it ( like balsamic dressing), because she says it makes her deathly ill. Is it possible or is it all in her head?...

 Good allergy remedies/medicines?

Anyone have idea for severe allergies without taking steroids? OTC meds don't work at all, Thanks in advance

Additional Details
I tried those shots a few years ago . they seemed to just aggravate symptoms . I've also tried homopathec remedies like natural adrenaline cortex herbs etc maybe ill just move to Greenland

What about allergy shots? They are time consuming, but usually permanent

depends what you are allergic to , i took shots for 2 years and it did nothing... later i found that i could rid most of the allergies with changes in my diet

sOuL dOcToR
What sort of Allergies you have ? how can you expect someone to answer your question correctly, if you do not give specific details about what you are ailing from.Just naming the ailment or disorder is not enough most of the times its just the tip of the iceberg and there are deeper things which matter more then trying to judge it by a meaningless name.So please be specific and detailed if you want an accurate answer.
I am a Homeopath, What homeopathic Remedies did you take and in what potency ? And please explain your feelings in your own words and please put down whatever you feel exactly as you feel it.
Take care and God Bless.


just me
You may find a natural/herbal remedy. A recent article suggested eating local honey (may help desensitize local pollen allergies). You may seek the advise of a naturopath.

how dare I
steriods might be your only hope if OTC isn't working for you

Chronic Hiver
Try some of the prescription antihistamines - Zyrtec is usually very good. You might need to combine it with an H2 antihistamine: Pepcid, Tagamet, or Zantac; Zantac has been shown in clinical trials to work best with Zyrtec. Also, many people find adding a leukotriene blocker such as Singulair, Accolate, and Zyflo very helpful. And sometimes higher doses of antihistamines are needed - talk to your doctor, don't mess with dosing on your own.

Depending on what type of allergic reactions you are having, some other possible choices (most are prescription):

- Nasalcrom (sinus involvement)
- Gastrocrom (GI involvement, flushing)
- Intal (airway involvement)
- Nasonex (sinus)
- Primatene Mist (contains epinephrine, good for anaphylactic symptoms, but use only under doctor's supervision)
- Albuterol (asthma and asthma-like symptoms)
- Cyclosporine (autoimmune chronic urticaria)
- ephedrine sulfate (good for anaphylactic symptoms, only under doctor's supervision)
- Doxepin (a tri-cyclic antidepressant with strong antihistamine qualities, great for hives)
- Ketotifen (not available in US, but an excellent antihistamine with mast cell stabilizing properties, can be imported into US with prescription)

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