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 Allergic to anything?food,animal,dust etc...?
Im allergic to hot sauce even though I like it, it swollens up my lips and if I eat to much my lips breaks & I start to bleed...


 Everytime I drink milk, about 5-6 hours later I get gas, Why?
I can eat ice cream, yogurt, cheese all kinds of dairy but the second I drink a glass of Milk (2%) or chocolate milk about 6 hours later I get this horrible rumbling on my left side under my ribs and ...

 what kind of rash is this?
pic is on my 360 page. its all over an 8 year olds body and quickly spreading within today it started and now its from head to toe. the hospital gave him meds for dairy allergy but its gotten even ...

ok guys thanks soo much in advance... my friend is allergic to cats,and her step dad bought her 1 but he doesnt kbnow shes allergic. and what if the cat rubs its tummy aginst her leg what will happen?...

 Does anyone know hwo to get rid of a stuffy nose?
Please answer i cant breath my i already blew my ...

 Allergic reaction- Please help!?
My boyfriend is breaking out with an itchy rash. I recently got a new laundry detergent and we are thinking that that's what is causing this. It starts out looking like mosquito bites and turns ...

 I just found out im allergic to wheat?! What would be ok for me to eat?

 What are your weird food allergies?
I am allergic to peaches.

I am also lactose intolerant.
Additional Details
I am also allergic to chamomile tea....

 Am I allergic to rabbits?
kso, i have had my rabbits for at least 4 of 5 months, & all of
a sudden my mom is starting to wheeze and cough and cant
really breath. Im wondering if its because of my rabbits.

 Are allergies to plastic in earrings common?
I have sensitive skin, and I've heard of people being allergic to various metals in earrings, but what about plastic?...

 My son has a peanut allergy?
Hi everyone! I gave my 15 month old son a little bit of peanut butter, and he broke out with a rash around his mouth and his right eye got puffy. It was scary. We got some epipens from my doctor, ...

 Hello' my wife and I luv pets. But she gets severe eye irritation when around them. Any resolve on home tips?

 What are you allergic to? What happens to you personally?
I am trying to figure out my source of hives and maybe you can help me narrow it down....

 I'm tired, I have a headache, it's hard to focus on things.. and I have allergies... related?
for the past week or so I have felt really fatigued, I get like 9 hours of sleep a night but when I wake up I just wanna go back to bed again!! I don't even work that much. I do go to bed ...

 do you think im allergic to water?
after a shower my feet goes fully red but gets better later and also my chest is red like spots but these also goes away after few minutes? it sorta itches and wondering if im allergic to WATER? or ...

 What if you're lactose intolerant and win the Indianapolis 500?

 I get an itchy throat after eating melons and mangoes...?
For about 20 minutes once eaten...

Why does this happen?

Thanks. =]
Additional Details
Yep, I get really bad hayfever....

 Why do I keep coughing and spitting & how to make it stop?
Two-three days ago, at night, I started randomly coughing before going to sleep. And it's not those super harsh kinds, and my throat isn't sore. My throat feels like something's there, ...

 Do you think this is reasonable?
I went to the doctor about 2 weeks ago with
increased thirst
increased urination
weight loss

my doctor just said it was hormones and allergies....

 Best treatment for rhinitis?
I have a steroid nasal spray and antihistimines but do worry about using nasal spray long term.

can I just take an antihistamine instead.?..noticed slight tinnitus since using nasonex ...

different drummer
Any housecleaning tips for someone who struggles to clean their own house b/c of allergies? Should I hire out?
I don't know what all I am allergic to, other than when I was tested many years ago, and found that I was allergic to dust mites, mold, pollen, etc...all the things I seem to struggling with now.
I do know that when I go down the cleaning aisle at the stores, I tend to feel very overwhelmed and can barely breathe. I also have asthma and am allergic to cigarette smoke.

Mostly I clean with bleach, mild cleansers, some stronger cleansers when necessary (but then I open the windows), and the basics such as vinegar and baking soda. When I dust, I try to use a wet dusting cloth, so that it will not spread the dust everywhere. I'm questioning whether or not I need a new vacuum as well; it's getting harder and harder to find new filters for it, so I've been changing the inner part (the thing that looks like a cardboard accordion thingy) but not the foam filter or whatever. Plus we use c-pap machines and I need to get better about cleaning those.

Listen to da "Queen Of The Dust Mites" she knows what she's talking about. Can i also add that you did mention that your allergies are getting worse now.. that is because your immune system is probably suppressed. Try boosting up your immune system, see a naturapath if you can, they are great at that kind of thing. Nothing worse than sneezing and wheezing all day long.

Check out "Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome"... See if your SO or a friend can go down the chemical aisle for you... consider checking out Amway (cheesy company I know, but their LOC is wonderful). Also, consider buying an electrostatic air filter... It traps 95% or more of the dust and crap floating in your house. The filters on a cpap are supposed to be good for a month... consider changing after 3 weeks instead.... I have mostly hard floors, and run a damp mop instead of sweeping.

I don't have allergies, but I prefer a steamer, which boils water in itself then you spray the steam where you want to clean, this is great for hard to clean surfaces, and other things, plus you use not cleaning products. Then about once every month I clean everything with bleach and water. Does this help?

Simply wear a mask while you clean. You can buy masks at the local Wal-Mart. Try to use more natural products instead of cleaning chemicals. If you clean more often, you shouldn't have as much mold, dust mites, etc. Also, consult your Dr. about taking Clariton for allergies. You may also want to buy a good air filter (couple of them).

Rainey G
Hire out or use non allergenci cleaning products such as Orange and Lavendar that they have in the health markets'
Whole Foods or Frazier Farms

Queen of the Dust Mites
Ack! If you have respiratory problems then why are you using bleach and strong cleansers? You need to use soy based cleaners with no petrochemicals, dyes or fragrances. Soy cleans great and because it is a renewable resource not only is it good for you but it is good for Earth. (Sorry if I sound like an ad for soy cleaners...but I use them and I really believe in them).
Do your cleaning early in the day, wear a mask, and then leave for at least 2 hours when done. This will give all the crud you stirred up time to settle back down out of the air. If you have a HEPA machine run it on high the whole time you are cleaning and for the 2 hours afterwards. If you don't have a HEPA machine, I'm giving you a link to an article that tells you how to evaluate ALL kinds of air filters. Lastly, I've got a link to a pretty good mask that you could wear that will keep the crud out but not make it hard to breathe. Even if you hire out the cleaning, you need to insist that they use only soy cleaners and run HEPA machines while the cleaning is going on....and you should stay away for 2 hours. The only difference is that you won't be the one doing the work.

If hiring out is an option that you can afford, I'd do it. Why be miserable when you don't have to be.
If you don't want to, wear a mask and gloves to clean and keep the windows open. I would invest in a vacumm with a hepa filter, and also a good air purifer. Also, clean the c-pap REGULARLY! Mold, bacteria and dust can get into the machine and get a free ticket to your lungs!!! EW!
Here's some suggestions:
The CPAP Machine can be dusted with a slightly damp cloth like you would use to dust a stereo or TV set.

The Filter care depends on the manufacturer. Some are washable like the Respironics machines, and some are disposable. Please consult the directions and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The Humidifier Chamber should be cleaned with a 10% vinegar/water solution. Place a 10% vinegar/water solution (1 part vinegar to 9 parts water) in the humidifier chamber for ½ hour every week. This will loosen any mineral build-up. Rinse well. You should always try to use distilled water for this technique. You can boil the water you will use for 20 minutes and wait until cool. Mineral buildup is very bad for the chamber and can create small holes in the bottom of some of them. Most humidifier chambers come apart for cleaning, and are dishwasher safe. Make sure you read the manufacturer’s recommendations on how to clean your humidifier.

The CPAP Mask should be washed with water and a mild dish detergent every day. Place the soap on a wet hand towel and wipe the part of the mask that touches your face. Any oily residue left on the mask from your skin can make the mask material harden and crack. When this happens, it will not seal properly. You can extend the life of your mask by cleaning it regularly. A well cared for mask can last up to12 months. Most manufacturers advise that their masks generally will provide a good fit for only three months without proper care; however, I believe that you may even be able to extend this to a year with great care.

The Hose is a piece of equipment that the manufacturers generally recommend washing with mild dish detergent and rinsing well. You can hang it to dry over your shower curtain for convenience. An even more expedient way to dry it is to hook it up to your CPAP and let the air dry it out. DO NOT swing it around like a lasso to dry it. You will end up stretching it and that will only lead to the early failure of the hose. Rinsing the soap out carefully is also extremely important. Unless you rinse the hose extremely well, you may get soap residue left in the hose. Another way is to use a 10% solution of vinegar and water and then rinse well and hang dry. Vinegar and water make a weak disinfectant which helps prevent bacteria from growing.

The Head Gear should be hand washed with mild dish detergent only. The more you wash I, the faster you will wear out the velcro. Most of the head gear made today does not pick up dirt very easily, so be sure to wash your head gear only when absolutely necessary. Please check your instructions carefully. There are some made by the manufacturer that are considerably more able to handle machine washing.

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