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 is food sterile after baking?

 What about allergies?
I need to do a project on allergies and the common cold. So my questions are on: allergy treatment, prevention, and diagnosis....

 could it be allergies?
My 1 1/2 year old developed a rash on her back around her shoulder blades. we thought it was dry skin. a few days later the rash was gone and moved to her legs . we are at a total loss and are not ...

 Does anyone know how to stop eyes from watering?
Does anyone know how because they have been watering forever and every five seconds i have to wipe my eye. help?...

 How can i get rid of dust?
My husband is alergic to dust how can i keep the dust down without costantly cleaning. I know that i have to dust on a regular baises but there has to be someway to be able to keep dust at bay ...

 Insect Sting and allergic reaction?
I got stung today. I'm not sure what stung me because it attacked me then I screamed and ran inside and honestly just didn't get a good look. I believe it to be a wasp or hornet though but I...

 Please help, my allergies are killing my eyes.?
My tear ducts itch so freaking bad right now I can’t stop itching them. They itch soooooo bad I just want to stick my nail in there. How do I make this stop? I hate, HATE taking pills but at ...

 why do I get a "something stuck" feel in my throat when I use sugar-free gum?
Every time I use a particular sugar-free chewing gum I get a feeling on my throat as if something is stuck in it, could it be a slight allergy to it?...

 iam allergic to sulfates should i use gentamicin sulfate for pink eye?
i cant eat to many food with sulfates yet er gave me these drops for eye and he asked if i coudl use sulfates i said ...

 Betaine HCL in Singapore?
Could anyone please tell where to buy Betaine HCL in singapore..?
I have low stomach acid condition and what I could get only the digestive enzymes.But I dont think enzymes alone ...

 Best treatment for Hives?
Besides salt baths and Hydrocortizone cream, I am wondering what I can do. It has been 2 days...arms, fingers, face....

 Possible allergy to hair?
Shortly after my fiancee and I got together I noticed i would start having hive outbreaks in various parts of my body, (never all over at once only isolated) A few months after we were together i ...

 I sneeze with my nose plugged and my mouth closed?
Could that do any harm?
I can't sneeze normally. It hurts, makes my throat itch, and causes me to sneeze even more.
Additional Details
But it is bad!...

 where can i get wheat germ in delhi?
i want to buy wheat germ to add to my babies' diet but i don't know from where can i get it and what do we call it in delhi. Can anyone help me to get it? I will be very thankful....

 Sick or just Allergies?
Okay June 20th I went to Kings Island in Ohio, and ever since I came back I have had this cough, first I had a sore throat but it only lasted like 2 days at the most and then I just had this horrible ...

 Have you used kirkland detergent from Costco? Does it make you itch?
I've heard a lot of great stuff about the Kirkland brand deteregent at Costco, Its just like Tide, but a lot cheaper. My only problem is TIDE causes me to break out in horrible itches and hives. ...

 I keep having to blow and blow and blow my nose again?
Why? I had a really bad sore throat this week, but it went away yesterday... So now I'm just stuck with a stuffy/runny nose and LOTS of blowing. It seems like there's never ending snot! A...

Any Suggestions? Hypoallergenic dogs, etc.?
Me and my family really want to get a dog, but my oldest brother is very, very allergic to dogs. We heard that poodles are good for people with allergies, but then we also saw online that some poodles are great, but some poodles have way more dander then others and can still cause the allergies to act up. But we don't have enough money really to go in and get one dog and see if my brother is allergic to it. What should I do? Any suggestions on dogs or what I should do?

no poodles are bad for allergies the only true hypoallergenic dog is the Basenji

Get a goldendoodle. It's a mix of a golden retriever and poodle. They are the cutest things in the world! But if he's highly allergic get a goldendoodle (first generation) and poodle mix making it a second generation goldendoodle. They have low to no dander, and are the cutest things ever. I own one, I should know :-)

Care for Others
I was tested allergic to dogs-I have two Maltese-poodles-they don't shed and, Iam fine. A few weeks ago, I would not have answered this question-but, I've tested it and it really works. I have allergies so bad-headache/sinus I have to go to bed and can't function. Its oil of Oregano in a size 0 gel capsule-full strength (undiluted) with some food-I take mine with a rice cake and extra virgin coconut oil (very healthy oil-tastes better than butter,too) It works. I buy mine from Oreganoworld.com for $19oz and my daughter gets hers from NOW-for $13oz. The gel caps you get at a health food store or online. She just cured strep throat with this oil-very powerful. All skin rashes -mixes with olive oil to put on the skin. Its a miracle oil and no doctor visits or shots etc. I've used it for 2 wks now, when I have felt a raging attack about to hit and its worked. My nose might run but, no pain. This is a miracle for me-God is so good, I was miserable for years and it was worse every year.

Hey. That's rough but I found a website for you...It shows all the breeds that are considered "hypoallergenic" but no breed is 100%. The website also gives tips and ideas about dog allergies.


mouse girl
i herd about this one dog that is hypoalergenic. you should try watching Dogs 101 on animal planet on saturdays. if that doesn't work you should get a mexican hairless. they're not even that expensive! but whatever you do DON'T get a poodle. They shed like crazy.

I have a poodle, and one of my best friends was severely allergic to dogs. But she could be around my poodle with no problem. Poodles are really great dogs all around as well. My poodle has never had any of this dandruff.

She's a teacup poodle, black.

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