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Anaphylactic reaction to fish vapors?
My son who is 2 has allergies, recently he had an anaphylactic allergy to salmon. Today at the allergist, he told me that my son can have an anaphylactic reaction to fish vapors, and to avoid all seafood restaurants and not to cook it in our home. We have a wedding to attend where my son is invited and the main course is salmon. Has anybody with a seafood allergy ever had a reaction from the vapors?

He does have an epipen, also has eczema, and other food allergies.
Additional Details
The allergist was one we've seen before at AI hospital. He said not to ever cook any fish in the house, and my son can't go to any seafood restaurants like Red Lobster. The skin test was done today and he reacted to salmon, cod, and tuna. The wheal on the salmon was 15/10mm with a flare of 40/35mm the other two were about the same.

eesh..i used to carry a 'bee sting kit' with me everywhere due to the allergic reaction i had to them. yes, it is possible for the vapors to affect him. i might suggest he take a drixoral about an hour before the fish-food is presented. it might take the edge off the irritation, and have the epi-pen available if it starts to spiral out of control.

Wow, sure he was an allergist? I have NEVER known proteins to go into a gaseous state, even the amino acids - which your son is not allergic to. In all of my work with proteins, that's only something when the proteins are being decomposed in high heat - but breaking down into small parts, things like CO2, O2, CO, H2O and small hydrocarbons. Perhaps he means when protein might splatter, but there is no way to be allergic to the smell of proteins, since protein, which is what you get allergic to, are too freaking big to go into gaseous form.

Amie G
I don't really know much about this but this is the 1st time I have heard of fish vapors being an issue.I guess it would all depend on how sensitive your little guy is and how severe the allergy is.I am sorry I can't be of more help.Good luck and have fun at the wedding.

Jojo V
No, sorry dude. i never had an allergy for food.

ANY time we smell ANYthing it is molecules of that substance entering the nose. It is absolutely possible that even if he does not react that severely now that he may in the future.
Our son had a test reaction like that to cats...required medication before we could leave the office and the full force of the reaction was not even in effect yet. Not the same as an ingested allergen but serious nonetheless.

Mr. Peachy®
Sounds like an immunoglobulin E release of histamine. I never heard of fish causing this before, but apparently it's not unheard of.

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