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i do have hay-fever, but it's horrible weather, raining, so it couldn't really be hay-fever ...

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Ok before anything is said I AM NOT EMO ok get that through your head now.

ok then now that we have that ...

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Kimmy B
Am I allergic to grass?
Yesterday I was rolling on the grass and my arms, hands (the only part of my skin that wasn't covered) got a lot of bumps. The bumps are red and a little itchy.

Confused ÏŸ
what are you doing rolling in the grass!

Big Patty
good question, Judging by your reaction to the grass, id say your not allergic, but are indeed in love.

Usually when people roll around in grass, they aroma of the grass releases what we call, Butterflies in our tummy.

Now, its obvious that when we get butterflies, the inside of our stomach does get red bumps everywhere, but we cant see it because its on the inside.

You have the rare skin disease called douchealocious, which causes these bumps to raise to the surface of the skin, and spread throughout.

I incourage you to stop falling in love. However, the more you hate someone and roll in grass, your skin should produce a nice lather of honey.

Enjoy your douchealocious! And we do not love you! ( Hate on, you honey queen)

I always thought that I got scratched by the grass when that happen.. stick your hand in grass and see if it gets bumps! (jk.. do not do that)

I am allergic to grass. If I sit in it or walk in grass that has not been cut I get really itchy and bumpy. But I am not sure if you are. If it happens every time you touch grass you probably are allergic. It isn't awful, I forget I am allergic all the time.

Caleb K
It is possible to get allergic to grass pollen. I sure that is not what caused it unless you have some differentiation in your body. It could also have been something in that grass that you were rolling in.


ummm maybe its a type of grass or bugs!?

Well grass is a rather itchy thing so it might be normal.

Johnathan L
its not the grass as much as the pollen.

Cool Kid 2
depends on what kind of grass we're talking about here..

Mrs. Edward Cullen
well if ur allergic to grass tht would seriously S*CK! u could have just been allergic to somthing tht was on the grass like the chemicals ppl put on them. or maybe its bug bites. idk

go c a doc if u r ur fu**ing screwed

This is very interesting for me, I met a girl that was allergic to grass also. Her doctor told her to stay away from grass,that's crazy!!

David Muir
nope. those are chiggers that bit you. they're little tiny bugs that live in the grass. you're not allergic to grass.

♥sweet silence♥
grass makes just about everybody itchy when they roll in it. you might be a allergic to the pollen in it though... do you get hayfever?

Patsy T
Happens to me all the time.

erm it could be you cam in contact with stinging nettle.
but if it hasn't happened before then it might just be something else you should talk to your doctor.
but Grass allergy is one of the most common and prevalent form of allergy that affects people with histories of it during certain seasons.

Grass allergy normally occurs all throughout the spring season and during the onset or ending of the summer season. Grass allergy is somehow directly linked to hay fever, because their symptoms and causes are somehow similar to each other.

Grass allergy can also take the form of an inhalant kind of allergy similar to asthma. It is noted that in the United States alone, about 30% of overall yearly allergy reported or recorded is in the form of grass allergy.

Grass allergy is caused by an allergen that invokes discomforting reaction upon body contact.

Cause of grass allergy

The most usual allergen or substance that cause or triggers grass allergy is pollen. Pollens are very tiny and small particles of ovulation structures owned by plants.

During your primary education and even in your previous Biology classes, you have encountered the word pollen on subjects related to the proliferation or reproduction of plants’ flowers.

Take note that pollens are so tiny and light that they can stick to the tiny feet of butterflies. Pollens are most of the time flying or are carried out in the air especially during summer and spring when trees, flowers, and mostly, grass pollinate.

Because pollens are so light weight and they are carried over through the air, people can inhale them. Inhaling pollen can cause or trigger adverse reactions to the person.

Symptoms of grass allergy

Manifestations that indicate the onset of grass allergy are usually identified with breathing disorders.

The most common symptom of grass allergy is severe or constant dry cough. Usually these cough will occur with sore throat. It can never be mistaken for a common viral colds or cough.

The person with grass allergy also experiences difficulty in breathing. It s because the air passages are narrowed or constricted as a result of the body’s defense mechanism against grass pollen.

It can be noted that since the air passage constriction is a body defense mechanism, it is not dangerous. The danger occurs when the person experiencing it panics and feel a thriving discomfort.

Itchiness which can appear in several areas of the body can also occur at the onset of a grass allergy attack.

In rare occasions, fever can also be detected. However, in such occurrences, immediate help from doctors and medical practitioners should be sought to detect the presence of complications.

Fevers indicate the presence of viral and bacterial attacks in the body and should therefore be immediately attended at to avoid further complications.

Treatment and prevention of grass allergy

The most effective treatment for grass allergy is also its most potent prevention. That is, to avoid the grass allergy causing allergens, which are usually grass pollen.

To avoid exposure to grass pollen or the possibility of grass pollen inhalation, people with histories are advised to stay indoors especially during summer and spring when grass pollens are carried out in the open air.

Doctors also advise such people to install a working air conditioner in their home and room to make sure the ventilation is good and the probability of air contamination with grass pollen is reduced.

Otherwise, medications are available both through prescription and over the counter. Allergy shots can immediately relieve and soothe the symptoms. Antihistamines are also usually prescribed to curtail grass allergy development among patients.

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