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 Is it possible to be allergic to popcorn?
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Okay my WHOLE body itches. Literally, head to toe. I have not changed soaps, laundry detergant, and I lotion my body A LOT so I do no think it is dry skin.AND it is NOT an allergic reaction. Even my ...

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i ♥ XMAS™
Am I allergic to deodorant?
I am 11 and I have been using deodorant when I do sports because that's the only time when I kind of sweat. I have been using it for less than a year my first deodorant was kinda strong and my arm pits got itchy. Then I switched to a Dove sensitive skin deodorant and my arm pits are now itchy and they sometimes sting.
Do you think I'm allergic?
Am I too young?
In a few years will I be able to use deodorant without these things happening?
Please help, thanks!


The answer girl!
Yeah your to young to use deodorant. You not suppose to use it until your around 14 or 15 or puberty.

look at this website.


Dahlia-XoXo-[RAPE ME]
dont use deoderant too much, it can cause skin cancer and even i dare say, armpit body odour, the very thing its supposed to stop. if you grow red spots on your armpits, then it means you're allergic to it.
if is just itchy and stingy, then it means you got infection. use deoderant less should solve problem.

No you're old enough. But I think that you should ask your doc.

Jackie B
go to a doctor...... a dermatologist maybe!!!!!!

Yeah you probably are allergic and you are too young to be on yahoo answers...you are in 6th grade that is sad.

That is exactly what happened to me! I am sooooo allergic to soaps and all of that, so I have to watch the kind I buy because it makes me itchy so bad!!!!!! I suggest going back and forth between 2 deodorants(that don't make you itchy). You switch like every two months or so. It helps sooooooo much! I recommend Dove or Degree. Do not buy something too strong, cause thats what makes you itchy!!!! Good Luck!!!

first shave really good=]
then put secret deoderant smoothle=]

Elmo <33
No your not too young to use deodorant. Have you been shaving your armpits? If so, you might have razor burn. But if you haven't you should try going to the doctor or telling your parents.

Mara Angel
well, it happened to me too when I was young.. I never went to doctor about it.. I was just quiet about it.. I find that little roller ball deodorant easier on my arm pit.. it stopped having rash or itching.. Also taking shower every morning helped a lot.. you may not be allergic to deodorant but deodorant and sweat combined.. I believe that is what I had.. today, I use dove.. it helped as well.. but if you put the deodorant on when you already has broken skin, rash, etc.. it will make it worse. don't put it on until your skin heals, then you can put it on.. trust me..

hmm ask your doctor he should know bu I think you may be allergic to certain kinds of deodorant

umm.. well try using this salt soap thing.. my health teacher was talking about. and it's this thing that's better than deodorant and it's like salt soap. i'm not sure what it's exactly called but ask an adult about it im not joking or being sarcastic.. im looking for myself. you won't smell like anything.. and thts a good thing :)

i had the same problem with some deoderants. Your skin just starts to develop an irritation. It could be because of the powder.. maybe you should try a gel deoderant or those gel sticks.. like the lady speed stick but the CLEAR ones so that they dont have powder

My cousin has the same problem. Talk to your doctor.

There are a lot of chemicals in deodorant, and you may be allergic. Try several brands, if you can't take any of them, they have the crystal deodorants and other alternatives.

Check out the site below for more info.

christy h
Hmm maybe if you sweat very little you can always use baby powder it blocks the scent and keeps you dry. If you put it on after you shave it can cause you to become irritated. The gels deodorants contain A LOT of alcohol. If non of that works search for a non allergenic kind they should have some in the deodorant Isle.

Ute H
get some cornstarch baby powder, stop using deodorant! yes i think you are allergic.

adam b
the thing that is making your armpits itch and get irritated is the alchohol and scents they use in the deodorant. try using a non scented deodorant or one that is alchohol free.

It can be that you are allergic to the heavy metals in the deodorants. Using a deodorant with an antiperspirant in my opinion is not good for you. It keeps your body from perspiring which is a natural way for your body to get rid of toxins which can lead to cancer. Try switching to a natural deodorant without antiperspirant properties. I use tom of maines natural deodorant in apricot...smells wonderful!

try using a deodorant without fragrance . you may just be sensitive to the fragrance

personally, i dont think its the deodorant your allergic to maybe your just not using the right kind.
i would go see your doctor maybe he/she can recommend something for you
totally nothing to be concerned about.

Not me
Get the stuff without aluminum in it.

Sierra J
OMG i have the same problem. a good one is almay hypo-allergenic or secret clinical strength hypo -allergenic, i have only tried the almay one and it works great . but the secret one is another one you can try

you could be allergic....try degree clinical protection...its probablly a little bit more expensive than most deodorants but has some type of skin moisturizing ingredient that will help prevent irritation.....do you shave your pitts yet? that could cause it 2

Blue Haired Old Lady
You could be allergic to an ingredient in the deodorant. You can be allergic to anything. I have known a few people that were allergic to deodorants. You can try to pinpoint which ingredient you are allergic to and buy deodorants that do not contain the offending ingredient. You could just try different deodorants until you find one that works for you. Or you could go to the dermatologist and explain your problem and ask for a special deodorant (this is the most expensive option).

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