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 How do you know if you're allergic to something, but you can't figure out what?

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Every morning?

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me nothing that i have come into contact with or smelled or tasted yet but im sure if i go somewere outside the us i will find something im allergic ...

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 My nose has been stuffed for like 3 months?
No temperature, no coughing...
I always need Nasal Spray before I go to sleep and the stuffed nose wakes me up.
3 or more months! is this normal???...

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Am I allergic to cake?
Everytime I eat a birthday cake I always get a headache and I started having this thing since I was 10.
Additional Details
I dont eat too much cake or anything and I dont eat the full thing,the smallest piece can give me a headache.

The legend of the FFF
if u r u r weird

coz its a birthday cake and birthday is waste of time..like cmon who celebrates it when u have one year more gone from ur total life........and the reason u feel headache is tht god luvs u .god don't want u to eat birthday cakes..u are a nice man

Hmmm, I don't think you are allergic to cake...
maybe something IN the cake?
flour? coloring? Can be anything in the ingredients.

Santa's Replacement
Maybe it's too rich for you.

〝 meтaιιicaт 〟
Maybe ;o

Angela Q
It's probably some ingredient, maybe even an artificial coloring. ∠°)

Cake solves everything.

After doing much research I feel I have found the answer to your question. Here is a link, it will explain everything.

Just go to the advice section @ warpedperception.webs.com

maybe your allergic to something in it.. or you can't take the icing or something.

Sebastian, do you eat the entire cake? I could be an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients of the cake - eggs or wheat flour would be the most likely culprit. Is it chocolate, vanilla?

cake has gluten, which is a common allergy
it also has milk
i wouldn't say you were allergic to the cake, but the ingredients
check to see if any of you relatives have food allergies
and check with your doctor

you could be allergic to an ingredient or it might be just a coincident...could you be eating too much?

allergy is something common especially if your birthday cake contains chocolate which makes people allergy . happy birthday if it's yours and may you celebrate 120 years forward.

Proud Momma
My son is allergic to eggs... which includes cakes.

Try an egg-free cake and see if you have the same reaction (Duncan hines mix with a can of soda - bake as usual). If that doesn't give you a headache then it's possibly the eggs.

Maybe you're eating too much. If not, then it could be that you just had too much sugar that day or something, sugar can do that to you.

i would think an allergy would be more serious. maybe it is something near the cake. has it been there since you were ten?

too much sugar? theres probably a key ingredient that irritates your system. it could be vanilla or eggs or sugar. commercially processed cake has alot of additives in it that just isn't good for you so it could be a number of things.

I am allergic to cake too....

I break out in fat.

I have that problem. Pay very close attention to your body when you eat bread, pasta, cereal, things of the like.... Have you ever noticed not feeling quite so good after eating any of those things? You may have a gluten sensitivity. i cannot eat any regular cake anymore. I need to make special, wheat free cake. You may also have a sugar issue, ,or perhaps a nut problem. Were there nuts in the cake? Generally a milk problem will not do anything to your head. Were there seeded fruits in the cake?

The best way to find out what exactly is bothering you is to go on an elimination diet. I ate nothing but rice for a while. I felt fantastic. I slowly added foods to my rice diet, and eventually figured out it was the wheat that was the problem. I also found that I cannot have coconut and a few tree nuts. A doctor visit confirmed my assumptions, but if it's a food allergy, the doc may not always have the right answers for you. Suprisingly, not as much is known about this kind of thing as they would like you too believe.

for you, I sugest going to the doctor anyway as a preliminary thing, just to see if it's diabetes or something similar. Best of luck!

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