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 Can you be allergic to the smell of popcorn?
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 Don't you think that all these people who claim they have a food allergy is all a big con?
it was unheard of 30 years ago. now you have people who are allergic to nuts, mils , eggs, even if they see nuts or smell them they claimthey can have an attack....

 what's the best way to get rid of a blocked nose?

 my eyes are itchy;my throat hurts; stuffy nose and i've been sneezing ALOT;?
since this is allergy season; maybee its that right?
what shouldd i do soo that they GO AWAY!...

 Help I'm allergic to anything made of matter. What do I do?

 am i allergic to chapstick?
i've been using it my whole life (well i'm thirteen)

and i dont know why but i found this cool looking chapstick
so i bought it,
it was this silver looking one.

 Is it possible to be allergic to popcorn?
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Okay my WHOLE body itches. Literally, head to toe. I have not changed soaps, laundry detergant, and I lotion my body A LOT so I do no think it is dry skin.AND it is NOT an allergic reaction. Even my ...

 Can an allergy make you crazy.............?
Seriously......I just heard crap in my life but this one is just taking a micky.

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 I have the WORST stuffy nose ever...?
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 Bloody Taste In My Mouth?
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 i need people to help me out!! please i am begging!!?
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 Am I allergic to cake?
Everytime I eat a birthday cake I always get a headache and I started having this thing since I was 10.
Additional Details
I dont eat too much cake or anything and I dont eat the full ...

 my hamster drinks alot should i be worried?

 am i lactose and tolerant? please help 10 points!?
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this morning i had diarrhea and stomach cramps ...

 Is it possible to be allergic to water or the chlorine in the water?

 Is anyone allergic to something they really wished they weren't?
I can not eat chocolate because I get severe migranes if I do.
I love it but it isn't worth being in bed for days at a time for.
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The Lone Wayfarer,aww,so ...

After I eat, I sometimes get a clear fluid leaking from both ears. What is this?
I sometimes experience a clear discharge from my ears after I eat. I haven't paid attention to what foods I have eaten when this occurs, but I am wondering if this is could be related to an allergy or maybe something else. It usually occurs within 30 mins of eating and lasts for no longer then 30 mins. There is no pain or discomfort though.

It's liquor...stop drinking so much...it's flowing out of the side of your head.

K.A.R.A =]
o my goodness you need to go to the doctors. thats like unheard of

mr.. s
It's normal
my nose sometimes drops blood and its easy
no dont go to doctor
i think its a normal causality

Well there are fluids in your ear, when you chew, you depress your jaw bone, and some of the small bones in your ear are slightly moved by the jaw bones that are moving. So in this case, you might have a small hold in one of the fluid pouches in your ears...therefore everytime you move your jaw, you compress some part of the fluid pouch, and then you push liqud out. It's good that there is no pain, because usually pain with the ear is unbearable. You should seek medical attention immediatly.

[email protected]
i'm a student of medical so i want to discuss this question
allergy occurs due to reaction that may be due to air, water or even due to food we are eating mostly spicy food do reaction but oter type of food also do this so you must change your living style to overcome this problem

HATE CITY!!!!!!!!!

Lamar's Mommy
i don't think it has something to do with what you ate. i had liquid coming out of my ear before but that was because i had a bad ear infection. go to the doctor.

sounds like you are an ALIEN!! LOL

Jesus M

james h
cerebral spinal fluid perhaps?? Doesn't sound good to me!

This is not a Yahoo Answers question.

Please go to your Primary Care Provider Immediately!!!!!

Go to the Doctor. I have never heard of that before.

this is all i could find doing a web search - not sure if this means more fluid is produced inside ears when eating too much salt; not clear if the fluid actually leaks out of the ears.... but thought this might be of interest (see last sentence). If you eat a lot of salty foods, Chinese Food, salted chips etc., maybe try cutting out salt for a couple of weeks and see if that helps ??? Good luck

The inner ear is a delicate membranous structure surrounded by a bony hard shell. The two components
of this system are the hearing organ ( or cochlea) and the balance organ (semicircular canals). These two
systems are very near one another and share the same fluid system. Movements of this fluid move and
distend the membranes allowing us to hear and maintain proper balance. This fluid is constantly being
recycled and contains specific concentrations of minerals such as sodium ( salt). If too much fluid is
produced, or not enough fluid is resorbed, then this is thought to cause an inner ear fluid imbalance. Also,
eating food rich in salt can upset this delicate balance.


Draining ears
Q: Hopefully you can help me with a problem I have been dealing with for 5 years. I got sick 5 years ago, and ever since then I have had problems with my ears. They are constantly filled with fluid, they are constantly popping. I even wake up in the middle of the night to clean them with a Q-tip because I feel the fluid coming out... when the Q-tip comes out, it is fully saturated. It's clear fluid, like water.
My doctor told me just to open my mouth wide to get my ears to pop, but when I do you can hear a popping sound coming from inside my mouth... Please help me, I just want it to go back to normal.
A: Your doctor's advice suggests that he/she thinks your problem is Eustachian tube dysfunction. There may be a bit of this going on; however, if you are really draining fluid from your ears, Eustachian tube dysfunction is NOT the whole story! You almost certainly also have either chronic otitis externa (inflammation of the ear canal skin) or chronic otitis media (inflammation of the middle ear). Either way, the next step is obvious and is essential to your well-being: you need to see an ENT (ear, nose and throat doctor). These problems are treatable!

Ashley D
talk to a dr, thats really kinda weird sounding. i have NEVER heard of that, and i have all sorts of ear problems, so you would think i might have heard something about it, but i havent

OMD go to The Doctors You Could be Diein

The K!LLER Anna
it's awkward, that's what it is. lol.

Randall E
You're an alien.

Jolies pal
I used to have a clear fluid come out in my ears. I never associated it with eating but I guess it could of been from that. Anyway, my doctor told me it was probably from my allergies and told me not to worry. I have really bad allergies.

never heard that b4

i'd see a doctor. might be neurological issues, or just some sort of ear infection. you could try googling it.

One Day
Never heard of anything like that before.....you should go to your doctor though, that does not sound normal

dude go to the doctors

david f
its either allergies to food , or your salivary glands are wired into your ear canal and what you are seeing is saliva , or fluid is getting past your ear drum from you estastion tubes , because they are not draining .

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