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x-Strength Antacid
500 | Uni-Mint | X-Strength Antacid

500 | Uni-Mint | X-Strength Antacid


xanax Xr



xerac Ac
Xerac AC Solution - 60 CC

Xerac AC Solution - 60 CC


Fachinformation - Xolair 150 mg

Fachinformation - Xolair 150 mg


xylocaine Viscous
Xylocaine Viscous Dental

Xylocaine Viscous Dental
Xylocaine MPF Solution for

Xylocaine MPF Solution for

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Health Discussion Forum

 I'm 14 and my boobs are flat. How come they're not growing?
I've gotten my period 2 and a half years ago which is sooner than all my other friends but they all have boobs! I'm 5'5, 110lbs, and a 32A. How come they're not growing?...

 I have an Abortion Question.?
Ok, I am 15 years old, and I am pregnant. I was on birth Control and I used a condom, but it didn't seem to work. I am thinking about an abortion, but I feel bad because what if the baby is the ...

 Can my ex-girlfriend get pregnant while on her period? We had sex & she wanted me to nut in her, so I did.?
We had sex 5 days ago and she was on her period. I heard there is no way a girl can get pregnant while on her period. She was almost through with the period because there wasnt that much blood..... W...

 Im 13 and have an 18 year old boyfriend?
Is that really bad?
I mean i would never do anything that felt wrong and if he tryed anthing i would get rid of him and wouldnt let hm do anything that i wasnt comfortable with.
But overall ...

 I'm 13 And Like To Masturbate And WANT to STOP?
I been masturbating like crazy this past week and I want to stop. I broke my Hymen, and I am worred because if I go to one of those doctors that look at you Vagina and he/she askes me Do you M...

 Can't buy tampons and I need it now!!!!!!?
Ok well im going to mexico tomorrow and I need tampons in order to swim. But the problem is that I dont have any and my parents dont let me use them. I sometimes use them without letting them know. B...

 i just got my period now, but i want to take a shower?
what do i do?...

 Masturbation question (kind of embarassed to ask please serious readers only, thanks!)?
Ok well I am 14 years old and well I know these days most people dont follow religion but I do and im Chatholic which means I want t owait until marriage to have sex, and in the bible it doesnt state ...

 Why are periods such a big secret?!?!?
I mean, every woman goes through it! And it's not like men don't know about it either. So why is it such a big secret?...

 is my mom a pervert.. read?
okay i dont know why but i think my mom is obsessed with vaginas or something because she always had and still does makes dirty jokes about girls, i have a sense of humor but it gets to the point ...

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