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 16 yrs old, 2 inch penis too small?
I am 16 years old and my penis is 3 inches when erect and maybe 1/2 to 5/8 wide(imagine a babies), 1/2 when flacid. I am worried, especially when my 5 year old cousin says "thats a small peenee&...

 Why is my penis orange?

Additional Details
my nicknames barbie coz my IRL name is ken
so im a ...

 My ***** is 12 inches !!!!!?
Is that a normal size for a ruler?
Additional Details
WTF!!! People! Read the F*ing question! Is 12 inches a normal size for a ruler???...

 ******* is too big...?
ok. so i have several problems. 1. my pants are 2 small and i dont' know how to explain to my mom that my dick is too big. 2. when i get horny its soooooooooo noticable. i mean, u have to ...

 How can i get bigger penis?
my penis size is 2.5" before erection after erection 4.5" how its ...

 Is it normal for a virgin to last 30min?
i had sex for the first time the other day and lasted 30min is normal or is something wrong downstairs?
im 19 years old

 My servant grabbed my penis in sleep. what should i do?
Some days ago i was sleeping in the morning. I woke up suddenly felling that somebody was holding my penis. My penis was erect as we boys have erection in the morning due to full bladder. I did not ...

 Does mountain dew make your penis smaller?

 Im 20 and i still have my pubic hair, is this normal?
since my dad died when i was 13, my pubic hair has been there over the years and i never knew if i should of shaved it or not, you see since my dad died i never had any male role models, just my ...

 How much masturbation would you say is unhealthy?
lol, funny answers welcome but if you can be serious, please do be.
Medical opinions preffered.
Additional Details
haha I love ...

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