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 My weight?
ok im 13 and im 130 pounds i need to lose weight so should i go anorexic or bulimic or should i workout a lot but i was thinkin of anorexia but i dont know

 Do you despise overweight people too?
Fat people are fat because they eat too much. There were no fat people in Belson so there is verification of my statement.
They are weak willed and spineless....

 How can u fight cravings of food?
like even when i have already ate im still hungry and want more....

 What is the best food to eat when body building ?

 Why Am I So Thin?
I eat a lot and cant gain weight. I look like a stick. I'm a guy by the way....

 I'm tiny, i want to put on some weight. I find it very difficult to eat. what do I do?

 How i get fat ???

 Does this sound like a healthy amount of food for a woman to eat in a day?
6 cups of tea
1 slice of toast with peanut butter and strawberry jam
4 chipolatas (small ones)
1 tablespoon of rice
1/2 tablespoon of peas
1 fruit pastel ice lolly


 I am 13, 5 feet and 110 lbs is a right/ healthy/ good weight? am i fat?
i eat pretty healthy (vegetables, fish, chicken,not many sweets) but i dont get that much excersize (1 or 2 30 minute bike rides a week and jumping rope about 15 mins a week)......AM I FAT IS THAT A G...

 How to get rid of muscle ache after workout?
I have been a bit lazy during the winter..but I have been working out every day now for over a week...I think today I overdid it with the 250 abdominals ( have been doing only 100 the prior days) ...

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