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 What are the most common NATURAL methods of controlling Cancer?
If a patient adamantly refuses conventional chemotherapy, what natural alternatives are available?
Additional Details
ernest77: Pls ...

 What is the best way to quit smoking?

 I found a white pill in my sons coat?
in my sons coat and i was wating to know what it is its white oval with numbers of 5113 and a v under the numbers can someone pls help ...

 Can someone recommend a good tetoxification drink to clear out my system.?
Its not because I drugs or anything like that, I just want to flush out my body!...

 My daughter is having a fever 102.4f again form yesterday in the armpit she had fever ten days before also?
And she is three years old what medicine should we give to her write now we are giving her calpol Syp 8ml after every 4 to 5 ...

 Any medicine to help my brother withdraw from meth to save his life from this evil drug?

 I have scabies?
how can i treat my scabies problem?...

 How do you detox??
what things should i eat and drink to detox?...

 What can you do to stop a sore throat?
What can you do to stop a sore ...

 What can i do to relieve my sinus pain naturally?I hate pills and go through this every year.?

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