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 Is there ever a situation when smoking crack can be good for someone's medical health?

 Do you think size 0 is toooo skinny?!?
These celebs surely cant be healthy, its quite worrying that Posh is going in the same direction, I always had a bit of respect for her, but not anymore!!
And she says she eats....yeah right!!...

 I havn't smoked in 5 days!!?
somebody please help. I have 200 marlboro reds sitting right beside me that a friend gave to me!!

How does one distract themselves enough to not want to light up??

I am so ...

 SMOKING What would you say to make me give up?
Hardened long term smoker who enjoys it soooooooo much but wants to be healthier!...

 Should I quit smoking OR drinking?
Together I suck, separate I'm fine. Both is too much. At least for now. I'm serious I need serious answers please be genuine if you're on her for comedy you need a life....

 Shaky hands at 21? tell me its not...?

I'm only 21 years old and here is what I can say. I'm a college student 5 ft 7 and weigh 135-140 pounds & I don't eat particularly well. My hands are ...

 How often do you have a bath/shower?
How often do you have a bath/shower and what is the climate where you live. When I lived in Zimbabwe I would have a shower At least every morning, usually in the evening before bed and another time ...

 Husband smoke in the house,i have a bad chest now,should i insist that he gose out side?
.There would be big problems if i did.
Additional Details
he has smoke in frount of me and kids for 20 ...

 If smoking seems not to have any benefits for the body then, why do people smoke?

 Could someone please help with this Q please....thanks?
What illness would make someone go to bed and sleep for 11 to 13 a night and not even get up for the toilet.And when i do get up they just feel that there is no point in doing anything but watch t.v.I...

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