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 I was sexually abused as a child?
When i was younger i was sexually abused by my father. Now I try to be in relationships and all i do is sleep with the guys. occasionally a few girls too...what can i do to get out of this lifestyle?...

 To abort, or not to abort. That is the question?
I am 18 years old and 7 weeks pregnant. My main focus is college.

I've been debating with myself about whether or not I want to have the baby, or have an abortion.


 My period is suppose to start tomorrow but about 4 days ago or 3 my boyfriend forgot to pull out could i preg?

Additional Details
i thought a girl only ovulated like a few days out the month??? and they could only get pregnant on those days!!! ...

 HELP!!! i just got my period this morning and 3 of my mates are coming to use my pool today!?
I dont know how to use a tampon! i've never needed to use one, what can i do??...

 If a woman drinks while pregnant, what can happen to the baby?

 How big is too big?
I'm thinking of getting breast implants... how big do you think is "too big"?...

 I'm a virgin, but is it weird for me to have "those" feelings sometimes?

Additional Details
I'm 18.
And I've been with guys before, so maybe that's why? I just feel like it's weird ...

 I want to loose my virginity, but im scared because it might hurt??
well i dont no if he'll like my body also, i mean i shave down there and stuff wich is what he prefers but what if he doesnt like the way i look, and is there going to be a lot of blood and ...

 Is it me or my husband?
My husband and I have been married for a year and 5 months. Before we got married we would have sex at least 2-3 times daily, but now it's hopefully once a month, if I'm lucky. He's ...

 Umm tampons first time user....????
hi. im 13 and have had my period for 2 years and i am ready to use tampons (i have been using pads).. my question is umm what brand of tampons is the best and easiest. i was thinking about ob is it a ...

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