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 Any "old wives tales" to cure a sore throat?
Just because i have a sore throat
Additional Details
its not like a cut in my throat it like hurts when i ...

 The Snickers Candybar Commercial?
Dont you think its odd that the white guy is struming his guitar and singing and the black guy is eatting his candy bar weird?...

 Is it bad to take 4 Aleve's (the pain medication)?
what can Happen??...

 What are some alternatives to antibiotics for an ear infection for my 1 year old child?
He has only had an ear infection twice, but he HATES the medicine!! I have tried everything to get him to take it. Any suggestions on getting him to take it, or is there an alternative to the ...

 Why would some say that Alternative Medicine is not "evidence" based?
The Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Chiropractic practices are within the scope of Alternative Medicine. Logically, there's a school for such health practices like in Canada and it's very legal....

 Is homeopathy better than ayurveda and allopathy?

 Does anyone know a at home remedy in replacement for antibiotic?
what can I use to fight off infection like sinus infection?...

 Anyone know of a all natural liver cleanse?

 Is there such a thing as a home made enema?

 Hello does anybody no how to get rid of sciatic nerve pain?

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