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 I can't fall asleep!!!?
It's a pretty recent problem (a couple weeks or so), but it takes me over 2 hours to fall asleep. I say I 'm going to bed at 10 but I don't end up going to bed till midnight. My body ...

 Can vampires get sick?
ex. flu, cancer...i mean they are immortal??
Additional Details
i'm speaking figuratively ppl :P...

 What do you think of the 'warning' labels on cigarette packets?
I came across one today that said 'Smoker's die younger'. It was my mum's pack of cigarettes and just looking at that label made me feel overwhelmed with sadness. That was ...

 Is smoking pot bad if you do it occasionally?

 Why does no one answer my question?

 Weed 3-5 times a day?
I know a friend and im really scared for them because they smoke weed 2-5 times a day. is that considered smoking weed in ...

 Friend wants me to keep him in house at weekend not allow him out to buy heroin can he really stop like this?
He has been smoking heroin less and less and has tablets from the doctor but still smokes heroin. He wants to stop for himself. Will keeping him in the house all weekend really help. What can i do to ...

 How do you make your headache gone away without taking any tablets?

 Would smoking weed get my coughing worse?
I've been sick for almost 2 days now I have a runny nose and i have a cough. Will smoking weed make it worse?...

 Why does no one answer my question?
someone must be able to advise me on hsc 31...

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