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 Is there a cut-off age for sex?

Additional Details
I just can imagine having sex when I am .. like ... 75 or 80
if I live that long or don't die while having ...

 What have u done today?
have u just sat there in front of ur pc all morning or have u done things today....

time waits for no man u know....so dont waste urs
Additional Details

 My girlfriend started smoking cigarettes. what is the best way to get her to stop?
what patch/pill/gum or w.e actually WORKS. she just started maybe shes not too far gone but i dont know how cigarettes work exactly. and preferably which method is the least expensive. but i guess if ...

 How can I get sleep!?!?
I have had trouble sleeping.... watching my ipod strains my eyes out and gives me migranes.... and every noise i hear creaps me out....How do you people sleep? (other than sleeping pills)...

 Use pee for face wash?
My roommate told me that a woman from her work uses pee om her face and she has never had any pimples and now my roommate does this too. does anyone else use this method and did it actually work?

 What are some good ways to fall asleep faster?
the tittle pretty much says it^^^^^^^

 What is the ideal cure for a Mid Life Crisis?

 If your against smoking...come on in..?
just think for a second...... more and more ppl are getting cancer, being born with diseses, adhd, add etc. if there was a complete ban of fags( none in shops etc) dont you think that would be ...

 Keep getting bad cramp in legs how can i stop it?

 Is these symptoms from tiredness?
nose bleading,head acke,trembling,feeling always nervous, cant sleep just 5-6 ...

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