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 I gave up smoking at the beginning of this year - and I am constantly ill since?
I don't use patches or gum. Just cold Turkey. So far it has been easy and I haven't really craved that badly. However I am normally a very well and healthy person and smoking never gave ...

 What does unremarkable ct scan mean?

 How long does Common Cold stays?
I wonder how long does common cold stays for a person...I would expect it to go off in a week but its more than 10 days. Any suggestion?...

 Is Bronchitis serious?

Additional Details
i've been to the doctor and gotten an ...

 Need results by wednesday?
I just got over a sinus infection and now my throat is all scratchy and it sounds awful when i talk. like im losing my voice or something. also, i have a really gross sounding cough! :(
I have a ...

 My son is 4yrs old.How can i cure his asthma?

 Hi. I REALLY need to quit smoking - any suggestions?
I am so fed up, and I know my girlfriend will leave me since I have told her at least 5 times that I will stop.


Thanks so ...

 I have got a cold sore throat and tickly cough and keep feeling the need a hot drink?
but i don't want to keep drinking tea and coffee has anyone got any ideas for a hot drink ( none alcoholic )...

 What is legionnaire decease?

 Anxiety trouble?
Ever since I got sick last week my anxiety has gotten out of control and yesterday in the hospital i had broke down crying.
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