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i seriously think i have cancer I'm 14 i think i have a breathing problem when i stand for to long my heart races fast and i have a trouble breathing i feel like I'm going to pass out i ...

 Im afraid to wear tampons at night?
they are so much better than those yucky bloody pads and today was my first time trying them. but im afraid what if i don't wake up at night and more than 8 hours you can get TSS.
any ...

 Am i ugly? (pic)?
Sorry I forgot the link in the 1st question
I hate this pic but whatever


Is there any possible way to get bigger boobs?...

 When a girl loses her virginity............?
Does her but become flat and not as nice?
I'm not sure to believe this, but I heard my friends talk about it.
all of them convinced its true, is it?...

 What colour are your eyes?
Mine are green
Additional Details
To be more specific extremely bright green....

 What do you like to have 1st in the morning?

 I'm 13 and periodless. I wanna start growing!?
I turned 13 years old about a month ago and my breasts are about 34bs. I'm supposed to be 5 10" and I want to start growing! I'm getting underarm hair and all. I ran cross country, ...

 Can a woman get pregnant if she has oral sex?
If the male isn't wearing a condom, and the female puts the males genital in her mouth, can she get pregant. Why or why not?...

 If a woman is breast feeding in public is it ok to look?
I mean she is practicing her freedom to expose herself so that her baby can gain nutrients. Am I not allowed to practice my freedom of staring at her boob?...

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