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 Please help me im scared?
help me i slept with this girl and 1 month later my penis has swollen up and it is running green stuff outta my pee hole and it has big red swollen blisters on my balls they hurt soooo bad please ...

 Hi, last nite I had oral sex with someone I met at a club (I ate her out)...?
this MORNIN I woke up with a pain on the tip of my tongue...my question is, with STD's, specifically herpes, can symptoms come that fast??? Help!!...

 I went to a dr. for a female problem, i was asked if i did any type of drug. i lied and said no. will it show?
I just wanted to know if they are not looking for it, will it show up that i was lying?...

 How likely is it to get HIV if you are a top during gay sex?
Rather stupidly I recently had unprotected sex with a couple of guys without a condom. I was top and only came inside one of them and now I am wracked with fear that i've picked something up. I&...

 What's wrong with my girlfriend's vagina?
I'm very concerned about the smell of my girlfriend's vaginal opening. It smells like dead children. It's been this way for several weeks now, and I am starting to get very worried. ...

 Can herpes be spread with oral sex?
i had one red bump on my outer lip, i went to the doctor (i was thinking i had a alergic reaction to ky warming liquid)and she said she thought it was herpes without even testing me...this was 5 yrs ...

 Do you have unprotected sex with strangers?
How many of you practise unprotected sex with strangers?

And what is your philosophy on the subject?

Yes i know the risks so dont come at me with all that!!! Im simply asking ...

 Is AIDS really that bad?
i figure it gets rid of all the dumbasses who dont wear protection or do drugs. it also gets rid alot of the poor minorities in the south....

 Why people keep saying condom not 100% safe?
Why? is it a leak or not wearing it properly cause the failure. I hv been using it for preventing pregnancy & even oral sex. Is it mean i m not 100% safe?...

 If you have a small cut in your mouth and you kiss someone can you get aids?
can someone be born with aids?...

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