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I have to get braces on Tuesday and I just wanted to know the procedure. (My orthodontist wasn't very clear) Could you write it like this.
Step 1 ..... (Amount of pain)
2..... ...

 Can anyone suggest the best natural relief from toothache? Ouch!?

 Should I get Braces?
Thinking about getting braces. My teeth are not very crooked at all but I do have one impacted tooth. I plan on living in this town for exactly two more years. Then its off to another state. Should I...

 Bad Breath Problem!!!?
Okay now I'm 11 years old and like I keep my teeth really healthy. In the morning I brush my teeth, Tounge, and I floss. And when I go to bed, I do the same thing. And At school, people will be ...

 Is it better to get braces now i'm 16 or later when i'm 40?
my teeth arent that bad but wut should i do?...

 What is it like getting your wisdom teeth pulled?
What is it like getting your wisdom teeth pulled?
Give lots of details!!!! also, how long were you off school or work? the person who gives the most details will get best answer!...

 I have a tooth ache can it can cause me serious troubes ??
This is my last radio ...
i have a tooth ache but i don't want to go to the dentist , besides i dont care to lossbut could it cause ...

 How can I stop grinding my teeth? I do it without thinking and even in my sleep.?

 If you sleep with your head under your pillow, will the Tooth Fairy come at night and take all your teeth?

 Best braces color? (:?
so your teeth dont look yellow, and something that goes with hazel eyes, do help....

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