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 I started smoking over the summer for two months, but i stopped. Are my lungs going to be seriously damaged?
I smoked over the summer, probably about 3 packs. Are my lungs going to be seriously damaged?...

 Can ppl that smoke cigarettes get high? and if so, can ppl get high from second-hand smoke?

Additional Details
i don't smoke at all, i h8 the smell of it and i know what it can do to an extent (cause cancer), i was just ...

 What is the least harmful ciggarette out there? What is the worst? Is there a list out there that would help?

 Do you know why you continue breathing while you are sleeping?
Your brain send automatic messages to your body so you continue breathing and you don't die....

 What is the medical term for when you lungs feel like they've got liquid in them, like after you've swam.

 I gave up smoking at the beginning of this year - and I am constantly ill since?
I don't use patches or gum. Just cold Turkey. So far it has been easy and I haven't really craved that badly. However I am normally a very well and healthy person and smoking never gave ...

 What does unremarkable ct scan mean?

 How long does Common Cold stays?
I wonder how long does common cold stays for a person...I would expect it to go off in a week but its more than 10 days. Any suggestion?...

 Is Bronchitis serious?

Additional Details
i've been to the doctor and gotten an ...

 Need results by wednesday?
I just got over a sinus infection and now my throat is all scratchy and it sounds awful when i talk. like im losing my voice or something. also, i have a really gross sounding cough! :(
I have a ...

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