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 What could be causing a bloodshot eye?
My right eye has become very bloodshot in the corner closest to nose, I have never had this before and it has been like it for about a week now. I do drink not excessivley though and I also work 7 ...

 Contacts Before Glasses?
everytime i look at a paper and then look up at something different i get massive headaches and so i need vision improvement. i really dont want to wear glasses because i dont even like the feel of ...

 Glasses or eye contacts lens?
I have low rate of myopy,and I need glasses,so I just want your opinion,glasses or eye contact lens?...

 Whats your eye colour?

Additional Details
mine are ...

 Poll Do you wear glasses?
All the time or just for ...

 HI, Just want to know if we can sleep with our contacts (lens) on?

 What do you do if you get mud in your eye?

 Does a computer damage your eye sight ?
i sit in front of a computer all day
(i have a LCD screen)

anyways, i blink very often while in front of the screen

do you think it is damaging my eye sight ?
does ...

 What do you think is wrong with my eyes (pic included)?

I am realy worried. I noticed yesterday that it was half the size and I woke up today to find that is it i bigger. please help

 My glasses sorta broke...can i get them fixed somewhere?
Well, heres the thing. I was in my room and i accidentaly stepped on my glasses, but very lightly. They didn't really brake, the bottom part of the lens, there really isn't a frame it'...

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