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Health Discussion Forum

 Um.... Cutting Myself?
alright, ive only done it twice. The first time I broke my mirror and used the piece of glass and i cut my hand in different spots, but it completely healed in a couple days. then last night i cut ...

 HELP! I have a pimple on the lip of my vagina, and its swollen in that area!! What is it?!?!?
im terrified...help me!...

 HELP PLEASE, what are blackheads?
what are they??????????
what do they look like

 Should I feel less sexy beacause of my birthmark?
I have a birthmark that would qualify as a mole in the middle of my stomach. It is about 7mm and it is circular. I want to get it removed so badly so I can feel sexy when I wear a bikini. Don't ...

 I have a werid, lightning-shaped scar on my forehead?
Is that normal?...

 Pubic hair removal?!?
help please im 16 and i decided to get rid of my pubic hair but im not sure the best method.. i tried shaving and im very careful but i get bumps and irritation.. and i dont know any other way!

 Can i get aids from someone bleeding on me?
Hi, i played highschool football and this one time when i came out after a play a teammate noticed the whole outside of my arm was covered in somebodies blood. I asked the trainer what to do and she ...

 What can I do to get rid of dandruff?
I have tried all shampoos available over the counter and no luck, please help!...

Okay, so I have this nasty, blistering sunburn. It looks horrible, it's gross, and it HURTS. How can I get rid of the redness and also the pain? Thanks so much!...

 When i scratch my head, i get white stuff under my nails, what could it be?
it doesnt look like dandruff,
i mean i dont see flakes on my hair, only when i scratch it i see it under my nails
is it normal?
maybe i scratch to hard?...

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