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 I have had the weirdest weeek...PLEASE HELP!?
So this week, I have felt terrible. I have had this:
~Bloody Nose
~Tiredness [[excessive]]

Additional D...

 Canada or mexico?
i got this girl pregnant where can i go where she wont find me?
canada or mexico?
or any other ideas?...

 Can someone smoke till old age and still not get cancer?

 What pee is means your healthier? dark yellow or light almost clear?

 Did i loose my virginity through injuries when i was in 1st grade?
while I was climbing on the swing at school a playmate pushed me and i fell landing between my legs at the back (part of the chair where you lean and rest your back) of the chair. I bled and it hurt. ...

 How would u describe yourself in 1 word?

 HELP! i have a partner who snores non-stop all night and its driving me crazy!?
I have tried ear plugs and things like that but nothing seems to help. Do you know of any non surgical treatments that would help or any advice ??
Additional Details

 IS marijuana Bad for YOu?
i herd marijuana is not bad for you i think its good for eye sight idk. i need your guys opinion i dont smoke it but my friend does is it really that bad or is good?? i belive its good but i wanna ...

 Do any of you think that there is something worng with being dark?
I have noticed that the boys at my school do.They prefer to go out with people with lighter skin.
Additional Details
You guys are ...

 Is drinking beer useful to the body?

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