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 Why does my gf like to stay after sex?
ok like i just wanna go to sleep and not be bothered after sex and she wants to snuggle and stuff and i dont wanna do that. how do i get her to leave?...

 Havent had period in three in months is this bad???????

Additional Details
not pregnant, never had ...

 Can diarrhea come out of your vagina?
I got my period on over the weekends. Its now monday. I had my period since i was 10 and im now 13. Today I stuck a tampon in than a couple of minutes later it felt like i had to use the bathroom. I ...

Im 13 and a half, and still havnt got my period i have regular moodswings very heavy discharge (Started in February 08) i'm about 5 foot and average weight i'm very sporty eg football ...

 I FEEL SOOOOO bad I send girls to the HOSPITAL??!!!?
Okay, so today I was in my P.E. class and I passed by this one girl and she looked at me, and she just fainted (It happends all the time girls look at me) I mean I'm just so damn good looking ...

 Am i Overweight?underweight?av...
ok...I am 13 years old.. about 5'4. 5'5. somewhere between there... ok i am about 111 pounds. am i overweight?average?underweight?? help please!...

 What do you guys think about this?
i go to a private school and theres only one 8th grade class with 13 kids in it. well, i sweat really easily and lately my friend told me that people have been talking about how i smell kinda bad ...

 What's the WORST thing to say after sex ??
I've heard a few . .

- You're on the pill right ?
- You're at least 18 right ?
- I lost my PENIS piercing !
- I need you to hide okay ?

LOL I'...

 My tampon has gone to far up and i cant find it. what can i do?

 Is it normal for a girl to fart a lot?

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