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 Are you high?
If so, you're a towel.

No really, shout out if your baking.
Additional Details
Look at all these people out there that ...

 Anyone have a non-medicinal remedy for foot and toe cramps?

 I want to divorce, i want to change my job, i am very depressed, and i don't know what can i do.?

 Do you hate certain smells? I can't stand the smell of lavendar (essential oils).?
It makes me angry for some reason. Also it makes me feel like I am suffocating. Anyone else react to smells in this way? On the other hand, when I smell orange or lemon (essential oils) it makes me ...

 How are some ways you can swallow a capsule pill?
i have tried for about 1 month and so far nothing has worked so i need ways to take a pill besides swallowing small candies or things like that....

 Is there a legal substitute for marijuana....herbal maybe?

 Does orange juice really help you when you have a cold?

 Can gallstones be removed without surgery?
Afraid I won't fall asleep,and will feel surgery....

 Natural high?
cant get ant smoke so anyone know what else to take to get ...

 How do i induce vomitting? is there like some kind of home remedy?
earlier today i had taken the adderal that was prescribed to me a couple months ago and wasn't sure how it would affect me....

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