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 Do i have a mental problem?
hi i dont know if i have a mental problem i'm 15 years old and so far i've been sober from methane for like 7 or 8 months i started abusing it to feel better about myself and to forget my ...

 Is this really cutting?
I know someone who said that they don't really "cut" but they use anything they find that's kind of sharp and scratch their skin until it's just kind of raw... but they don�...

 Be afraid. Be very afraid..........?
(insert your worst fear here)

.........of friends on drugs.. or friends starting..
.........of being given a pet.. and you don't like it....

 Do you know anyone who committed suicide

 I've been praying to God so much lately, but still no results, what else can I do?
Please help....

 Is this depression?
Lately (for about 4-5 months) I have been feeling very down, not sleeping well, crying a lot, getting into fights with friends. I went to see the doctor and he gave me vitamin pills, which don't ...

 Dealing with my anger,is my depression causing it?
I have really weird mood swings,i have been particularly depressed lately and i find that i'm very irritable,angry and moody. The slightest thing someone says to me or does annoys me. My mom ...

 Sometimes i talk or sing to myself. is that normal?

 I want to DIE?
I am so stressed out and depressed. You could never picture me like this if you knew me in person. My family, I hate them. They are so rediculous and ignorant. I can not take **** from them anymore. I...

 Is it easier to tell the truth and deal with the aftermath,or to lie and deal with the lie after lie,arguments

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