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 What do you think about women who breast feed in public?

Additional Details
don't misunderstand, I am all for it!...

 I got stung with a bee or wasp last night any ideas whats the best treatment?
My leg is quite red and hot and there is a patch of red where the bite took place. I initially put vodka on it but think I need something ...

 How many hours of sleep do you think an average person requires? Are you oversleeping?
What do you think is the ideal amount of sleep needed for good health for a normal healthy adult who works in a office!

Compared to your own standards, are you over sleeping?...

 My girlfriend can barely move all of a sudden, says she feels numb and is in pain. What's going on?
We were doing cocaine last night, after we finished we were lying in bed, about an hour later I noticed my girlfriends eyes were still open. Now she can barely talk or move, says her body is numb. S...

 Would you do this?
Run into a burning building to rescue someone without thinking about your own ...

 Can you swim in contact lenses?
I'm going to a lake all summer. the water is clear and at a drinkable quality, so no chlorine interfearance. any sugjestions?...

 What time do you wake up in the morning?

 Is having your 15 yr old daughter checked by a doctor, if she´s still a virgin wrong?

Additional Details
yes, to know if she´s still is a ...

 Is urine an antiseptic?
someone said it was and i don't believe it. because how could a waste product be good for you by entering into your bloodstream?...

 How many times a day you shower?

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