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Health Discussion Forum

 Whats the easiest way to quit smoking?

 Having Sleepless Nights . . . Any Ideas?

 How do you lower a fever?
my just about 5 year old brother has a really high fever (not sure how high i didn't ask my mom) and he's really hot and tired and really sick. my whole family is recovering from the flu ...

 I need help for Dehydration?
I went to the Emergency Room 2 days ago for dehydration and was given an IV. I left the hospital but I have no appetite and no desire for water, but I am still drinking and eating because I know I ...

 Answer please???
is popping your knuckles/fingers bad for you? if so what will happen?...

 I am having problems getting to sleep, should i....?
ok so i have to be at work in 12 hours.. i cant get to sleep.. i am trying to decide if i should drink myself to sleep or if i should take some acetaminophen pm (basically tylonol and benadryl) what ...

 How can you make yourself faint?
sure ways

One time i hadnt eaten anything for 4 days and excercise excessively and was sooooooooo weak, but didnt faint

No I didnt do that just because I wanted to faint, I do ...

 Organ Donation?
Are you an Organ Donor? If not, why not? Because you would rather not, or just because you have not got around to signing up? Do you know anyone personally affected by organ donation?

 Is there ever a situation when smoking crack can be good for someone's medical health?

 Do you think size 0 is toooo skinny?!?
These celebs surely cant be healthy, its quite worrying that Posh is going in the same direction, I always had a bit of respect for her, but not anymore!!
And she says she eats....yeah right!!...

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