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 A question about "parts"?
the other day i was a my friend's house and i was wearing boxers ( i was staying over because we were going somewhere early the next day)that i didnt realize the button had fallen off and ...

 How much semen will an average man ejaculate in his lifetime, in liters?
I heard this question asked by a radio station for a prize package one time about a year ago. I don't remember what the answer was so I'm curious. Please, post any relevent information. T...

 Mum says no to boxers, is she right?
I want to wear boxers, Mum says I need to wear briefs or pants for support, when im older I can wear boxers :(... Most of my friends wear boxers, is she right?

Thanks David ...

 How can I tell this to my mom?
ok, so I am 16, a guy, I wear boxers and boxer-briefs....I want to wear briefs also because in the summer when its hot the boxers and boxer-briefs start to ride up, and I dont want to pull them down ...

 Why is my dick so freakishly large im 16 and have a 10 inch penis will it get any bigger?

 I caught two guys taking a shower together in my dorm hall.?
They were comparing sizes......is that normal or healthy?...

 Would a forty-year-old man sleep with an overweight 18-year-old?
Would a normal forty-year-old man still jump at the chance to sleep with an 18-year-old even if she was overweight? (I'm talking about consensual sex)...

 Is masturbation legal?

 My urine is purple. What do i do?
I just got back from North Korea and i don't know what i ate. Please help me....

 Is it ok for a 14 year old guy to wear tighty whities?
I'm 14 and I wear the Hanes and SK brand of tighty whities. Is that bad?
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Please help me choose the best answer ...

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