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 Is it bad for a 16 yr old to not have started her period?
Girls Only!!!! Is it weird that I have not started yet? I am 16 years ...

 What age did u get it?girls?
girls, what age did u get u period
i just got mine and im 13...

 I need info on shaving your private..?
Well, I never shaved down there before and it is very bushy. I know that is gross, but I really need help. I am afraid that if I try to shave, everything will get tangled because I have so much hair. ...

 Ladies only?
what dress size ru and what size do you want to be im not being nosy its for a study that im doing at the ...

 Who's responsibility?
I was at Walmart with my sister buying shampoo, soap, etc and I told her to hold up while I picked up a box of condoms for my boyfriend and I. She asked me why I was buying them and I told her that ...

 How can I skip periods?
I HATE my period. It totally interferes with my life, I get such bad cramps I would stay home from work/school if I could and I can't run during sports practice, much less function normally. I...

 My son came out black? Is this due to 'recessive genes'?
Hi. My beautiful baby boy is black. I am a white male and my wife is actually a red headed Irish gal.

Well you can imagine my surprise! My wife says that people have 'recessive ...

 Why do my gumms always bleed im only 21?

 Can you have sex when your on your period???
just wondering when not to do ...

 K ladies heres another weird one i'll have to go pee after i'm finished it feels like i still have to pee
i'll have a totally weird tingling sensation and it feels like pressure after i've already finished using the washroom ne ideas?
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