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 Whats a quick home remedy to stop bleeding?
like for a scratch lets say.......

 I am the happiest person in this earth.. Do you believe me!?

 What do you do if you get burnt?
I was making lunch and when i picked up the pan to bring it to the sink i put my hand to far down the handle and burnt the side of my finger. The first thing i did was run cold water over it. is ...

 Whats wrong with biting our fingernails ?
we're always told as children not to bite our nails, what are the reasons why ?...

 Ok i really need help really bad pleeeeeeeeez read?
the first one to gimme a good anser i will chose theirs as the best answer ok well yesterday was the st day of football tryouts and dang how exuaseted i got adn i wanted to know do you know any ...

 What is the fastest way to stop bleeding from slitting my finger with paper?
it's not hurt but it wont stop bleeding
Additional Details
sucking it and band-aid didnt work =)...

 Is it possible to get drunk off of water?
or symthoms of drunkeness?...

 Best thing to put on sun burn?

 What is wrong with my boyfriend?what do his sypmtoms match up with?
side stomach pains after eating, acid gagging/ throwing up in morning, burning stomach feeling......

 What's the best thing to put on mosquito bites to stop the itch and swelling?

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