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 Im 18 i think my boobs are growing....again?
Im not on my period im not pregnant. What the hell, is this normal?
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I am not pregnant. Not on birth control, not on ...

 What can i do if i havent had my period for 4 month?
i havent had my period for 4 month and i just had sex witout condom and im scary idk what to ...

 Please Help! Girls only!!!?
Hi im 13 years old and i have awful cramps at the start and end of my period. I have the worst cramps the day before and after my period. My cramps are sometimes s o bad that i start throwiing up... R...

 Can a girl rape a guy?
is this even possible? how? can a husband get raped by his wife? that would be crazy! just curious....

 I'm 15 and still a virgin...is it normal?

 I'm 18 and want to have a permanent procedure to stop me getting pregnant... what option are there?
Hi, I'm 18 and after months of tests, I've just found out I will never be able to have children. I won't go into too much detail or scientific terms, but basically, I am able to get ...

 I have a pregnancy question. I had sex a couple days before my period was supposed to end, and after the sex i?
I have a pregnancy question. I had sex a couple days before my period was supposed to end, and after the sex it completely stopped. I didn't think that much about it until I started spotting a ...

 Personal girly problems questions...?
Im 13 nearly 14 and every1 at school have started there periods but i havent! I'm starting to get worried. Im hormonal and i get discharge and stuff but i have had all this for ages - my boobs ...

 How old were you when you got your first period?
im 14 and havent ...

 How can i get taller?
im 148cm 50 kg and 13 how can get taller i know i can take hormoines shot but im afriad id turn into a lisbo im a girl straight
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