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 Am i too skinny ?
i was recently anorexic, i have gained 4lbs since then but my mum still says i look skeletal.. i think i look quite feminine now.. but wat do you think ?
i'm not trying to show off, just ...

 How can i tone my stomach without doing sit ups,still eating dominoes pizza,drinking alcohol n smoking weed?

 Is Anorexia Bad?
im 14, 5'9, and 163 pounds. im not that much overweight, but not skinny either. i want to be skinnier and lose weight. i was thinking of starving a little bit, but scared im going to not grow ...

 Is this healthy?
well, i had a recent operation and i couldnt exercise much and that made me gain almost 15 kgs.
i started this diet on monday and it only consists of a fruit in the morning and a salade in the ...

 Am i tooo fat?????????
I weight 146 now i just lost last week 4pounds
and"5.4 my height
I think i just need to loose more and ...

 What are these fat things on my chest?

 I am 13 years old and I weigh 113? Do I need to lose weight?
I feel bigger than I really am. Andd I weigh 113 pounds!
Additional Details
I feel bigger than I really am. Andd I weigh 113 punds! I ...

 What do you consider to be fat?
I am 5'4" and currently weigh 130 lbs. . .to me this is fat.
I was 122 about 3 months ago and due to stress I have gained weight . . . and feel gross. I don't look fat, but I ...

 Im 14 years old, and im a overweight, id like to start working out but im too emabarrased?
My high school has a weight room
some of my friends go to the weight room
at my hs ive established my self as a sort of goof character as in not the type who works out
Any ideas on how ...

 Is this too much for lunch?
Lunch is always my biggest meal. Today, I had broccoli, tuna, 2 pieces of toast, banana, and water. I was wondering if this was too much to eat considering I'm on a diet. Thanks.


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