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 What's the best way to stop the blood if you cut yourself while shaving?
(Don't say tighten the tour'niquet around your neck.)...

 Can over masterbation really cause problems with your eye sight?

 I love smoking and don't give 2 hoots about all the tosspots on here who despise it..anyone agree?

 I'm going to be fifteen in May and am worried. I hate getting older. How can I stop worrying?

 Does anyone know how to smoke a cigarette??
im just posting a random question..
dont take me seriosly!!!...

What is the best way to get rid of them?


 How can i get out of this stupid sleep cycle?
since new year i've not been able to get to sleep til about 4 in the morning no matter how much milk i drink or how long i lie in bed then i find it really hard to get up before midday - i cant ...

 Gas in the human body, what is it.?

 Any tips on recovering from a hangover?
Lots of beer and not enough sleep, what shoul I do to recover?...

 If i have a headache and i have no medicine with me what can i do?
i work overnight and theres no medicines at work and sometimes i get really bad ...

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