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   Plendil Plendil Plendil Plendil Plendil Plendil Plendil Plendil Plendil


USES: This drug is a calcium channel blocker. Calcium is involved in blood vessel contraction. By blocking calcium, felodipine relaxes and widens the blood vessels. It is used to treat high blood pressure. This medication may also be used for chest pain (angina).

2.6 out of 5
Avg Consumer Rating 2.6 out of 5
5 Reviews | Post your opinion
 Plendil images:
Plendil prescription drug /side effects/ pic 1
Plendil prescription drug /side effects/ pic 2
Plendil prescription drug /side effects/ pic 3
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Plendil prescription drug /side effects/ Plendil 10mg pic 5
Plendil prescription drug /side effects/ Plendil R (Felodipine) pic 6
Plendil prescription drug /side effects/ PLENDIL para que sirve el medicamento, como tomar PLENDIL pic 7
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Plendil prescription drug /side effects/ Plendil; Plendil Online; Order Plendil; Discount Geneic Plendil pic 9

OverviewPhotosHow To UseSide EffectsPrecautionsMissed DoseDrug Interactions

This drug is a calcium channel blocker. Calcium is involved in blood vessel contraction. By blocking calcium, felodipine relaxes and widens the blood vessels. It is used to treat high blood pressure. This medication may also be used for chest pain (angina).

  • Store at room temperature between 59 and 86 degrees F (between 15 and 30 degrees C) away from moisture and sunlight.
  • Do not store in the bathroom.


Plendil 10mg
Plendil 10mg
Plendil R (Felodipine)
Plendil R (Felodipine)

How To Use
  • Tablets should be swallowed whole.
  • Do not crush or chew tablets.
  • This medication must be taken as directed to reduce blood pressure.
  • It should be taken even if you do not feel sick.
  • Most people with high blood pressure do not have any symptoms.
  • Try to take this medication at the same time each day.
  • Do not stop taking this medication suddenly without your doctor's permission.
  • Some conditions can become worse if the medication is stopped too fast.
  • This drug is best taken without food (one hour before or two hours after a meal).
  • If stomach upset occurs, it may be taken with a light meal.

Side Effects
  • This drug may cause dizziness and lightheadedness especially during the first few days.
  • Avoid activities requiring alertness.
  • When you sit or lie down for a while, get up slowly to minimize dizziness and allow your body to adjust.
  • You may also experience headache, flushing, nausea, tingling hands and feet, cough, sleep disturbances and swollen gums.
  • These effects should disappear as your body adjusts to the medication.
  • Inform your doctor if they become bothersome.
  • Notify your doctor if you develop breathing difficulties, swelling of the face, hands and feet or an irregular heartbeat.
  • If you notice other effects not listed above, contact your doctor or pharmacist.

  • Tell your doctor if you have pre-existing heart disease or liver disease.
  • This drug should be used only if clearly needed during pregnancy.
  • It is not known if felodipine appears in breast milk; consult your doctor before breast-feeding.
  • Limit alcohol while taking this medication as it can enhance dizziness.
  • This medication may cause enlargement of the gums.
  • This can be minimized by maintaining good oral hygiene with regular brushing, flossing and massaging of the gums.

Missed Dose
  • Take the missed dose as soon as you remember; do not take if it is almost time for the next dose, instead, skip the missed dose and resume your usual dosing schedule.
  • Do not "double-up" the dose to catch up.

Drug Interactions
  • Tell your doctor of any over-the-counter or prescription medication you may take including sedatives, tranquilizers, erythromycin antibiotic, cimetidine, ranitidine, phenytoin, beta-blockers, carbamazepine, digoxin, or theophylline.
  • Avoid any drugs that increase your heart-rate (the decongestants phenylephrine, pseudoephedrine and phenylpropanolamine are examples).
  • These drugs are commonly found in over-the-counter cough-and-cold products.
  • Avoid grapefruit juice while using this medication, unless your doctor instructs you otherwise.
  • Do not start or stop any medicine without doctor or pharmacist approval.

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User Medicine Opinions for Plendil
Overall:1 out of 5
Low adverse Reactions3 out of 5
Healing Power:5 out of 5
No dependency problems:5 out of 5
Cost-Benefit:5 out of 5
Sex: F
Age: 80
Location: Pasadena, Ca
Time Taken: a couple of weeks weeks

Reason: for high blood pressure Date: 6 February 2010
Side Effects
too many to describe briefly, mainly peripheral edema and flushing and swelling of cheeks. Overall body pains! Some confusion, nervousness, irritability.

Additional Thoughts
I want to stop it. The cardiologist says it's OK now to stop it. I see him in two days.

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