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Drug Guide    A   Aspirin Combination

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   Aspirin Combination

Aspirin Combination
(oral) (tablet, Tablet, Effervescent, Liquid)

Treats headache, minor pain, body aches, and drowsiness or tiredness.


Ascriptin, Cope, Ohmni-Cen, P-A-C Analgesic, Carpal Quell, Aspir-Mox, Bufferin, Osco Aspercin, Magnaprin, Aspirin Plus Antacid, Aspirin Plus Antacid Extra Strength, Goody's Fast Pain Relief, Buffasal, Medi-Seltzer, Bayer Plus Extra Strength
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 Aspirin Combination images:

OverviewPhotosHow To UseSide EffectsPrecautionsMissed DoseDrug Interactions
Aspirin Combination
Ascriptin, Cope, Ohmni-Cen, P-A-C Analgesic, Carpal Quell, Aspir-Mox, Bufferin, Osco Aspercin, Magnaprin, Aspirin Plus Antacid, Aspirin Plus Antacid Extra Strength, Goody's Fast Pain Relief, Buffasal, Medi-Seltzer, Bayer Plus Extra Strength
Treats headache, minor pain, body aches, and drowsiness or tiredness.

  • Store the medicine in a closed container at room temperature, away from heat, moisture, and direct light.
  • Keep all medicine away from children and never share your medicine with anyone. If this medicine has a strong vinegar smell, throw it away and do not use it. Ask your pharmacist, doctor, or health caregiver about the best way to dispose of any outdated medicine or medicine no longer needed.

How To Use
  • APPEARANCE: Tablet, Fizzy Tablet, Liquid. Your doctor will tell you how much of this medicine to use and how often.
  • Do not use more medicine or use it more often than your doctor tells you to. If you are using this medicine without a prescription, follow the instructions on the medicine label. Drink a full glass of water with each dose of this medicine. If you are using the effervescent tablet form of this medicine, dissolve the tablets fully in 4 ounces of water.
  • Drink all of this mixture right away. It is best to take this medicine with food or milk.

Side Effects
  • Call your doctor right away if you notice any of these side effects: Allergic reaction: Itching or hives, swelling in your face or hands, swelling or tingling in your mouth or throat, chest tightness, trouble breathing. Bloody or black, tarry stools. Bloody vomit or vomit that looks like coffee grounds. Pain that lasts longer than 10 days, worsening pain, lasting tiredness or drowsiness, or new symptoms. Unusual bleeding, bruising, or weakness. Redness or swelling. Severe stomach pain. Ringing in your ears that will not stop, problems with hearing.

  • You should not use this medicine if you have had an allergic reaction to aspirin, caffeine, or to any ingredients listed on the package label.
  • You should not use this medicine during the last 3 months of pregnancy.
  • Do not give this medicine to children younger than 12 years old, unless a doctor tells you to.
  • This medicine should not be given to children or teenagers with fever, chickenpox, or symptoms of the flu or viral infection.
  • Aspirin can cause a serious disease called Reye's syndrome in children or teenagers.
  • You should not use this medicine if you are on a low-salt diet, unless your doctor tells you to.
  • You should not use this medicine if you have an active stomach ulcer or any kind of bleeding problem.

Missed Dose
  • If you miss a dose or forget to use your medicine, use it as soon as you can.
  • If it is almost time for your next dose, wait until then to use the medicine and skip the missed dose.
  • Do not use extra medicine to make up for a missed dose.

Drug Interactions
  • Make sure your doctor knows if you are pregnant or breast feeding, or if you have asthma, gout, arthritis, or diabetes.
  • Tell your doctor if you have liver disease, bleeding problems such as hemophilia, frequent upset stomach, or a stomach disorder such as an ulcer, heartburn, or GERD (reflux disease). Some forms of this medicine may contain sodium and phenylalanine.
  • Read the label before using this medicine.
  • Tell your doctor if you are on a salt-restricted diet, or if you have phenylketonuria (PKU). Tell your doctor if you have had a fever for more than 3 days, a sore throat for more than 2 days, or pain for more than 10 days.
  • If you are using this medicine to treat a hangover, do not use for longer than 2 days. Make sure any doctor or dentist who treats you knows if you have taken this medicine recently.
  • This medicine may cause problems during surgery or procedures.

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