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 Please help! I have a sore throat what can i do to make it go away FAST?
I have to make it go away soon...Any home remedies or anything please...what does a sore throat lead to?...

 STRIP NC detox to pass drug test.?
I smoked yesterday afternoon and have a pre-employment drug test tommorow afternoon. I am drinking water and purchased STRIP NC to detox. The test I am taking is a urine- 35105N SAP 5-50 W/NIT @ Q...

 Should I take expired pill? Is it harmful? But they are expensive!!?
I bought a lot pill in the pass when I am in australia or some big medicine company. They are not cheap, wonder if I should still keep them or not?
Thanks for your professional recomamdation. ;)...

 Will eating fortune cookies cure my asthma?
I mean not allopathic fortune cookies but like homeopathic fortune cookie tincture.

Please advise....

 Apple Cider Vinegar....?
Would drinking the wal-mart brand of apple cider vinegar have the same benefits of drinking the one from a health food store? Because if I am going to torture myself by choking it down, I would like ...

 I want to get better sleep at night.is there any medical or alternative solution.?
iam a 25 year old engg.graduate&still in search for a good job....

 Why is there such a stigma towards Herbal Remedies and Natural Cures ?

 Do you think Magnet treatments work ?

 Natural cure for reflux in adult?
I think I have acid reflux. 32yrs old overweight female! I wake up with a bile tast in my mouth in the middle of the night and feel like something is coming back up my throat if I don't sit up. D...

 Anyone know a good home made remedy for cleaning out ear wax?

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