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 What are you allergic to?
I've got a lot of allergies. Beginning to think my body is quite fragile.

I'm allergic to:
Latex (which has cross reactivity that causes other allergies)
Fruit and some ...

 How can i stop nose bleeds?
okay i just had a really bad nose bleed plus i'm sneezing a lot (i'm sick plus the pollen is bad and i have allergies!)
well the blood was in running into my throat and a chunk of ...

 I have a cold, my nose is stuffy and throat is sore, what are the best ways of getting this to go away fast?
any medicines or foods that particularly help getting over this?...

 Am I allergic to water?
When I finish taking a shower or washing my face red spots appear and they itch too.

When It rains my face gets red too.

Am I allergic to water or am I allergic to something in ...

 What are you allergic to?
Mine's Elastoplast and something in alcohol (of all things!)...

 Help, whats the best way to treat a wasp or bee sting????

 Name #3 things that can tigger allergies?
Please please yahoo people of the world help me with this
question I need it by Tonight!...

 Can someone die from having a fever?

 Can you be allergic to Egg?
The last few times I have eaten egg... say on toast or scrambled or an omelette or something I have been really sick and thrown up. But i have eaten things containing egg and been fine... is it ...

 Why do people say God Bless You when you sneeze?
Why does sneezing lead people to saying, "God Bless You" while you are spreading germs too?...

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