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Health Discussion Forum

 How do i get rid of my cold?
i have a small cough, a sor throat, and a tiny tiny headache, but no fever, actually, my temperature is 98.7. how do i make myself get better? without taking medicine. like, what foods can i eat?...

 I was cleaning my ears with a q-tip and the tip came off and i cant get it out!! I NEED HELP!?

 Walking barefoot at home..?
I walk barefoot at home because I just like to. I don't like wearing socks, slippers, flip-flops, or anything else. Usually when my mom's friend comes over, she starts telling me not to ...

 Mind if I ask a gross question?
It is not like me to ask yucky questions - but I'm interested in the answer. When you go to the loo (the bathroom, my US friends) you are removing waste from your body. Do you think there's ...

 My urine is clear no yellow at all. Is this normal???

 Why is it always brown?
This week I've eaten nothing but strawberries and rasberrys and drank only cranberry juice? I expected to drop a sweet smelling red plop into the pan but alas the same old brown smelling fish ...

 Is 5'3" too short?
I am 13 years old. Will I grow anymore? My mom is 5'7" and my dad is 6'0".
Additional Details
I'm a ...

 How do you shave your balls?
Scissors takes too long and is dangerous. Also tried the clippers and ended up cutting myself. Creams are not supposed to be used down ...

 Why do i get a headache after quitting cola?
i drink a lot of coke and every time i try to give it up i get a really bad headache that just wont go away not even with ...

 Does having your ears pierced hurt hurt?

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