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 Is diabetes a disorder or a disease?

 Why is diabeteson a rise???
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 What is the best medication for type 2 diabetes?
Avandia is currently be used by this person and is looking for an alternate that is less expensive and works. Avandia has side effects which include swelling in the rear of the eye....

 Is there a cure for diabetes ?
If a person gets diabetes is it possible to cure it or should one be recoinciled with leiving with the disease lifelong ?...

 Can anyone give advice on early symptoms of alzheimer's?
Have a relative that i am concerned ...

 How about Diabetes?
Hillary Clinton asks about breast cancer. What about finding a cure for diabetes which has been killing more poeple since the beginning of time. If there was something I could do, I would. But I ...

I have done reseach and I am preety sure I have type 1 diabetes but I am afraid of needles what should I do be honnest ( I am highly highly highly afraid of needles
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 Why do diabetic patients have to change insulin injection sites every now n then?
i heard that if u keep injecting at the same site, u won't get the same effect after a few years. is that true?...

 Why should i avoid eating too much sugar?

 What kind of diabetes requires you to intake sugar? What type of diabetes is this? Type 1/Type 2 or neither?

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