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 What does it mean if there is burning when you urinate?
It feels like fire. Any idea what's going on? My doctor's office is closed til Monday. Thanks.
Additional Details
Thanks for ...

 Are there any health risks when it comes to swallowing semen?

 What do you perfer, pads or tampons?
I am scared to try tampons b/c I think they would hurt....

 How old did you got your first menstruation?
I'm thirteen and I haven't got menstruation, I'm so worried. I'm the only girl in 8th grade who hasn't got menstruation. Serious answers only, Please!...

 I think i have a eating disorder. Im not sure?
I throw up after I have a big meal, I dont throw up that much but i still do. I hate eating. Its just gross. When I throw up i think of how fat I am. People say im really skinny but I just dont think ...

 If you are 12 years old and you haven't started your period can you have sex?

 GIRLS ONLY... How old were u when you got your period?
My Daughter just turned 11 and got her period... She dosn't have big boobs, do you think thts young?...

 I was sexually abused as a child?
When i was younger i was sexually abused by my father. Now I try to be in relationships and all i do is sleep with the guys. occasionally a few girls too...what can i do to get out of this lifestyle?...

 To abort, or not to abort. That is the question?
I am 18 years old and 7 weeks pregnant. My main focus is college.

I've been debating with myself about whether or not I want to have the baby, or have an abortion.


 My period is suppose to start tomorrow but about 4 days ago or 3 my boyfriend forgot to pull out could i preg?

Additional Details
i thought a girl only ovulated like a few days out the month??? and they could only get pregnant on those days!!! ...

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