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 POLL: for any girl with a belly button ?
is your belly button an inee or an outee ?

if it is an inee, is there any lint in it at this moment ?

did my question prompt you to check ?...

 Do guys PMS?????????
I am having a debate with my guy friend. I dont mean actually have periods, but get all moody like PMS?...

 I just put in my first tampon.....?
And I dont feel it.
But when I sit down my vagina kinda hurts.
But when I stand up or walk its really comfortable.
Is this normal?...

 Why is sleeping without a bra a good thing??
why not??...

 When you loose weight do u loose boobs also haha me and my freinds wew arguing over that hahaha?

 I have a question for mature men and women?
i shave below the belt as most women do...but im still a virgin an i just wan to know are you guys picky about if its a little stubbily or does it have to be perfectly smooth caz perfesctly smooth ...

 Is it bad for me if i got hit on my brest really hard???

 MY SISTER HIT MY IN THE BREASTS because she was mad??
shes 7 and she didnt mean it, but it hurts a lotttt...what should i do?
Additional Details
no..i called her a name, and she hit me.....

 Period Cravings- Any ideas?
I have recently been getting cravings for chocolate and junk food during my period. Do you have any ideas to stop these cravings or focus my mind on something else- healthy food cravings i would be ...

 OMG! HAVE NO PADS OR NUFIN HELP please guysssss!!!!!?
omg. i just came on and have NOTHING no pads or tampons my mum aint got ne either its like 2 in the morning what can i do???

ps : how did you tell ur mum bout ur periods and what she say? ...

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