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Will things get better with age?
I have been on anti depressants for ten years i want to stop but i feel so ill , i came off hard drugs easier.
What should you do if your psychiatrist sings ' things can only get better' to you when you go for a meeting
Whats wrong with me??? Bi-polar? Depression...?
I attempted suicide yesterday. How can i help myself?
Is attempting or committing suicide because of depression/bipolar disorder justifiable? Why?
I've been answering questions all day and i'm finally going to bed, will I dream about answering questions???
Am I lazy or soemthing else?
Songs about death of a loved one (specifically a sibling).?
What does everyone else do to get to sleep?
How can I get more self-confidence? What can I do to believe in myself?
What do I do? I still miss my ex.?
What is my problem?
Do you find it irritating these relatively normal people that say they have depression ?
Feel like I can't go on anymore??
My little 3 year old sis??? she is seeing things and having horror dreams??
On average, how long should it take for someone to get over their friends death ?
Do i have ocd?
Bf will commit suicide if i leave him?
Your views on suicide--add your response.?
Is EVERYONE dumb on here (or douse anyone have a sense of humour)?
I was just given Prozac for my depression/anxiety by my doctor...anyone else?
Would you still date a hot guy even if he was on antidepressants?
How do i know if i'm having an emotional / nervous breakdown?
What can i do if i can't ask for help?
I need help.I'm a total failure.?
I need some support, and please don't say anything to make it worse than it is.... This is bad enough?
I have some form of brain damage due to estacy can you help me please?
Does daily marijuana use from the early teens cause problems in the brain other than short-term memory loss?
Will i got nuts from LSD?
Is it true that you can cure being an Obsessive Compulsory disorder by becoming an alcoholic?
Can depression make you feel like you don't love someone anymore?
Does anyone have any tips, for my fear of needles?
Help, having a real bad time... Need a link (reliable) to purchase Valium on-line, Had a bereavement.?
Is this normal?
I find myself deeply disturbed by some answers here, what to do?
Am I suffering from anxiety?
How can i reassure my mum i dont have a drinking problem??
Should i tell my doctor?
Can anybody help me?? PLEASE!!?
How can I stop being so afraid of death? I'm terrified!?
What is your favorite antidepressant?
When you're feeling down, do you often think there are others that may be worse off than yourself?
How long does it take antidepressants side affects to kick in?
I do have a problem with self harming?
How do I stop...?
Can holding your breath increase brainpower?
I have been rele depressed and cutting my self what do i do?
Paris Hilton - does she have a mental illness?
How can i forget war memories?
I have an alcohol problem what do i do?
What happens to your body if you take too much aspirin?
Do bi polar people not like to admit that they are bi polar?
Have you ever disliked anyone who has done nothing to you?
How can anyone improve his/her memory, without any medical help?
Do I have a problem?
Is it abnormal to laugh in the car on the way home from an abortion about what i just did?
I am not a psychopath, but do these details about me show some problems in my mental health?
Should i help my friend? how?
What the hell is wrong with me?!?
Is it good or bad when your doctor ups your dose of anti-depressants?
Help! depression!?
What is the biggest mistake of your life (so far, anyway).?
I had a dream about my dead father. Is he trying to communicate with me from the dead?
Since i'm a hot guy is it ok for me to....?
Depressed...someone help?
How can i get a grip with, worrying, forgetting and racing thoughts?
Is anyone mad??
How do you control your extreme anger?
I believe a may be a Sociopath..
Are you happy or sad?
I want to die!!!?
I'm going CRAZY help!
Is It ok to give the little voices in my head their own names..?
How does a person cope with knowing that your 63 y/o mother is going to die because she is an alcoholic?
What can I say to my girlfriend whos dad just commited suicide?
I lost my mom to cancer 3mo ago. I feel numb. I only cry when I talk about her death. am I abnormal?
Why is this happening to me!?
I was in a relationship with a sociopath and now he has dumped me, how do I handle it?
What are some good techniques for removing stress?
Any advice with councillors? help please xx?
What makes me think about death every night?
Iam very soft nature and no tension before marriage but after marriage iam getting tensed for every thing why?
Bush is a stupid or not?
Forced to eat???
How can i help her?
Why is sleep represented by Z's?
I feel like killing myself. I keep crying, I really want to die,?
Can this do me harm?
Who are you?
What's worse- smoking, or drinking to excess?
I am wondering if it would be a wise decision to commit my mother to a institution?
What would you do in a situation where, no matter how hard you tied to fit in in society, you were constantly?
What is wrong with me? I really NEED HELP!!!!?
Is my neighbor lying about being Bi-polar?
Im think im depressed?
Is it morally wrong to not prevent someone from commiting suicide?
Is it wrong to find mentally ill/disturbed people funny?
HELP ASAP!! 10 points!!?
I don't know who I am?
How can i forget my bad memories from iraq?
So my parents gave my puppy away.?
How hard is it to stay off drink & drugs when u know how good they can make u feel? Trying 2 stay straight.?
Why do most girls never wear any underware? it seems like they all like to go commando!?
What are the signs of severe depression?
What's the most annoying thing you have had to try and sleep through?
Why Does Everyone Hate Me?....>,<!?
Are "suicidal thoughts" with no REAL know intention dangerous?
Im tried of felling bad all the time.?
I'm going to bed now. Can you tell me something that will make me fall asleep feeling happy?
Who can HELP me?
I have Postnatal Depression, Should I tell my close friends? I dont want their sympathy.?
Does this make me bipolar?
Depressed.. help?
Is this a mental illness?
Where do i get drugs?
What can I accomplish with my life now that I'm living on SSDI?
If someone offered you all the money that you wanted to do something that you hated the most, would you?
If my mom's boyfriend is verbally abusing her should i fight him or report it or talk to him then fight him?
How should you deal with racism when someone calls you racist names?
What's the best anti-depressant to take?
Does Depression mean Fatigue?
I suffer from boredom?
I think my neighbours crazy, she hoovers about 50 times a day?
Please Help!!!How do I know if Iam a alcoholic?
How should i go to sleep when it is not coming?
I have been depressed for a long long time, what should i do?
Can someone please tell me is depression a chemical imbalance in the brain.?
My life is crashing, do I wait until Iv totally crashed to ask for help - even my body is giving up on me.help
What's wrong with me?
Death or life <-- which do you prefer?
Suicide: pros/cons...?
How do i make someone suffer Mentally?
How would i conquer my fear of needles?
Alcohol affecting my life, How can I not drink? Help?
I want to cut myself, but I promised I'd quit?
Im scared..could i be sociopath?
Is it true that a lot of people has some sort of mental illness/difficulty?
Does anyone experienced this?? Is this normal??
Am I really going to die? What should I do in the meantime?
What if i have suicidle tendencies?
My bf is Bipolar and i need help?
How do I make my sister happy again? She thinks she's in hell. I really wanne help her. Thnx?
Do you think it is the same "to not want to live" as "to want to die"?
ANY OTHER NAIL BITERS IN HERE?- Do othersHurt ur feeling bout IT?
What are you thinking about at this very minute?
How can i help my mum stop stressing?
How come some people eat but they not hungry and they don't really wont food?
I am hurting so much inside, whats wrong with me?
Do you ever not want to go to bed because then you just have to wake up and go to work and start all over?
What does it mean if you don't dream while you sleep.?
Psychologists/ counselors?
Is there something wrong with me?
Is it worth it?(suicide)?
I am soooooo wound up, help me please?
Why am i so emotional?
How do i tell my family i need help?
Are you gone forever?
My grandma has dementia (in Alzheimer's family) what should I do?
My son gets angry very soon and starts shouting on everybody,he is intelligent and feels superior from all?
When a person is diagnosed as being "bi-polar", what does that mean?
Husband Snoring?
How can i stop worry about a heart attack?
What are the main things you worry about at the moment?
How do i get my boyfriend to see a counselor or a therapist/psychiatrist?
What is manic depression and how do you get a diagnosis?
Do you think my friend is lying about being bipolar?
Why do i feel like this?
Loneliness is killing me, what can I do? Serious answer please.?
I often dream about having my teeth broken?what does this signify?
How do i tell them that i need antidepressants?
Are you afraid of dying and how you might die?
Do you have any advice to rescue my day (so far this day is going down the drain).?
I have terrible anxiety and have started to drink before i go into work?
Am I depressed? PLEASE HELP ME.?
How do you handle STRESS?!?
What supplements can I take for depression so that I don't have to take meds?
Am i depressed?
I'm lonely....?
Are twitchers sad?
I thinK i Have OCD No One Believes Me?
Did i overreact??
Ive been seeing things alot?
If i go to emergency room for the depression. Will they accept me?
I don't like to sleep alone...., can you help me..//??
I don't know whether or not i should tell them?
Help I'm losing control of my life...... I'm turning into a pathetic loser.?
What would happen if I jumped into a river?
I get headach every day?
Why do i feel like this? How do i stop!?
I am sooooo confused?
Why am I so angry?
Why do I keep having the thought 'I wish i were dead' when i am not depressed?
What's the best way to deal with stress, anger, and frustration??
Painless suicide... options please?
Is it normal to lose your appetite after suffering a loss?
Wierd Question (Adults only)?
Weed smokers, look at this.?
My friend is self harming im really worried about her what she i do?
How do you know if you have ocd?
Which place will you go or things to do to help release your stress?
What do u do when u think u r goin 2 commit sucide?
How do you get rid of a BLACK MOOD?
My Wife Is An Addict .....?
Why does my hand SLAP people?
Please help me people, i'm in real need of help!?
How can i stop getting angry?
What do people have against suicide?
Do you ever hear voices or see things that others don"t?
How do you know if you're depressed???
Anyone depressed and stuffing their face because of it, right now?
Arnt anti depressants meant to make you more alert and energetic?
I heard there was some kind of chemical you could take that would not make you gay anymore. is that true?
Do you cry in your sleep?
Do any of you sleep?
So is the grass really greener on the other side?
How can i stop this problem?
Very disturbing nightmare ..HELP!!!!?
My moods change like, really randomly,?
Does my friend need psychiatric help??
Can me and my sister sleep naked in a bed?
Can steroids make you have mental health problems?
Can depression be treated naturally, without meds?
Is it normal for a thirteen year old girl...?
Why do i smoke cigaretes in my dream?
Any suggestion on dealing with SAD?
Can anyone cheer me up?
I can't sleep at night. What should i do?
Can suicide hotline trace your phone number?
What is the best treatment for Depression?
What is the best way to relieve stress for a seventh-grader?
I feel really silly for asking this, but I need some advise please... ?
I dont know what to do?
Is it bad for me to get turned on by this?
How easy is it for someone to kill themself?
Im about to go crazy ,,i need help to get over my mothers death,,i can handle it at all,,its been 3 years,HELP
Has anyone seen anything that makes them sure they don't want to do drugs ?
Why do people cut themselves doesn't it hurt?
My dad is an alcoholic is there anyone else out there going through the same thing and how do I cope?
You eat to live or live to eat?
Do you know of a cure for depression?
If you could CHOOSE not to CHOOSE, would you CHOOSE not to CHOOSE?
I've given up smoking and I've turned into a raging demon, any cures?
How to pass time if you are sick?
How do comfort your friend if he/she continues to cry over Chris Farley's passing?
Why do i get made for no reason? im rude to everyone i ignore people all the time i get really violent and....
Got over depression...now what?
How do you stay calm under pressure?
What do you do when......?
AbUsE ?????
I used to cut myself?
Who can explain me bipolar disorder?
How do i stop the bad things i do???
What do or say when someone says something inappropriate to you.?
Why do you think some people hate gay people?
Am having so many dreams,is there any way to stop them other than killing myself?
I have been really tired recently is it my age (I'm a teenager)?
Please help me get rid of the heroin addict that has taken over my flat!?
Do any of us ever sleep?
I was raped repeatedly and tortured by a sadist-Now I am afraid to leave my house. Any advice?
Why i feel lazy 24/7?
How to erase my perverted minded?
Need help with this/advice?
Does depression lead to low self esteem?
What could be my illness if I enjoy torturing rats?
Can you give me one reason to not give up on life?
Why am i still homesick and always crying on the weekends?
Can you commit suicide using over the counter sleeping pills?
Why do I have to suffer from depression?
People!! What on earth do they think!?
What is the best way of getting out of 'stress' ?
What is the best way to commit suicide?
Why are young women obsessed with being super skinny?
What is wrong with me, Why do I get this angry?
What should I do?
What would you do if someone is driving you nuts by asking you one question over and over again?
I have Social Anxiety Disorder what can I do?
Im really depressed and feel suicidal?
I always feel down?
What is it called when nothing makes sense?
Whats the difference between a physcologist vs. Psychiatrist?
Why do I lie to my ex boyfriend that I have a new boyfriend, what is wrong with me?
No one is listening to me???
Psychologist spies on me and lies about it?
Life.... argh....?
Took an overdose the other day...?
Have you ever known someone with Bi Polar Disorder?
In Italy there is a bidet in every washroom.. are you envious of that?
Is canabis addictive?
How many pillows do you use when you sleep?
Hi, just wanted to ask if there is a treatment mental illnesses.?
How should I tell my parents that I need help?
Where were you guys on Sept 11?
Am I bipolar?
My memory is decreasing day by day so what is the solution?
Can dreams can solve any problem ?
How do you control a nervous voice when giving a speech?
First time on plane, any hints?
Do you think mental health illiness has anything to do with suicide ?
I'm so scared of flying planes....anyone have any ways to get over it?
Over coming Suicide?
What do you do when you need a confidence booster?
Are these normal fears?
My boyfriend has Borderline Personality Disorder, PTSD, AD HD, OCD, and is Bipolar...can we make this work?
Why is my boyfriend always chewing on his tongue? Is this some sort of bad habit? Does anyone else do this?
Can someone advise me about how to quit smoking marijuana?
How much height most girls prefer for a guy.?
What is the best pay as you go cell phone service?
Why does my abusive ex husband insist on trying to get a rise out of me?
How should I react to my girlfriend’s confession?
I have found out that i get annoyed by people who remind me of me.is that weird?
How do i meditate?
How can you combat depression without psychotropic drugs?
I wake up at about 3.30am and then back to sleep again after an hour, this has been going on for a few months,
HELP I saw a ghost, and now Im scared?
Tired of trying?
Is incest a mental disorder?
How to sharp your mind?
Who do you wish you could hug again?
Is this a sogn of depression?
N e 1 know how to stop depression?
Why do i get high every day (marijuana)?
Why don't I believe people when they tell me I'm beautiful?
Do you think addiction is a disease?
I really think im fat?
I cut myself when I am stressed or bord.?
I don't understand whats going on with me can you help?
How to find happiness or alteast be happy for some time?
Does Michael Jackson have a mental disorder?
Is anyone else beside me afraid of death?
I don't want any relationships for the rest of my life and I tell people that. Is that normal??
Can pills (e.g. paxil, lexapro,etc) cure anxiety (e.g.GAD) for good?
If you dream of something and it comes true is this a psychic ability?
What is the most frequent cause of depression?
Stressed at work...what can I do to cope with it?
How do you know when you re suffering with depression? &.........?
What is your worst fear?
What is the best way to forget about something?
Does anyone selfharm or has in the past?
Do you think it is bad to never talk to your neighbors, just to wave?
Will I really go to hell if I commit suicide ?
Is it normal to hate what you do for a living.....?
Staying alive to keep people happy?
I'm 35 yrs. old w/2 children. My husband committed suicide 2 mths ago. which was a total shock. My question...
My mum has panick attacks?
Ever been hospitalized for a mental illness?
Should i stay awake?
What is the Best way to improve ur Brain memory ?
How do I cure my addiction to Yahoo Answers?
Why on Earth do people cut themselves?
4 + 3(-6) - 1 = ?
I don't believe that cutting is bad....?
Do you think she is mentally ill?
Hearing voices?
I hate my voice?
What does it mean when you constantly have deja vu, at least 2-3 times a day?
WHAT do I do about my LIFE???!!??
I have always hid being unhappy because I have no one to talk to about it now I am really hurting help please?
When you are in a bad mood, what do you do to get out of it ?
What causes bi-polar disorder?
Does anyone know if there is a home remedy for depression?
How come I feel so strange?
Is there a mental condition for a person who thinks the world revolve around them?
When you feel so bad....You dont know what to do?
I have a very dull memory. My intelligence level is also not high. How can I improve it?
I used to cut...??
How can I overcome my shyness?
Have you ever been diagnosed as suffering from "Depression", depressing isn't it?
I have lost the will to live.sould i continue?
Did you ever get the feeling that you are not alone ??????
Is it true???
Would this be considered abuse?
I need help..Could I have the opposite of OCD?
I am 14, does this sound like depression?
Ok im 15 and i dont rember much of my past and part of my present why would this happen?
Can you forget a rape?
OK, I Have This Problem. I Love Women Too Much.?
What do you think about putting your child on pills for ADHD?
If you were serious about killing yourself, would you tell anyone first?
Does visiting my husbands grave site every day for the past 3 months make me crazy ? Is my behavior normal?
My husband went mental. I don't wanna divorce him, but i dont wanna live with a crazy guy either. Please help!
How pathetic and sad am I?
I am full of negative thoughts.how can i avoid these?
I sit online all day arent I sad, should I take my life?
Raed Tihs!! It's tlotaly aewomse!?
I am stupid?
Oh boy, im in big trouble now ... PLEASE HELP!!!!??
I am 14 Yrs Old And I Think I Have Depression But I Can't Talk To Anyone, Who Can I Talk To?
If you are a christian is it okay to take antidepressants?
I dont know what to do!?
I am a christian and I know that seeing someone husband will fall back on me,Give me advice? Nothing happen!!
What feelings do u have about yourself?
I'm feeling too stressed at work to do my job properly - what should I do?
What happens the first time you go and see a Psychiatrist ?
I thinking about killing myself and i wanted to know how can i do it?
Best drugs for depression?
I want to overdose?
Do I have a Mental disorder, and what type?
Poll:- Yes or No, you have suffered Depression at some time?
What is Your Addiction? Does it hurt or help Your Life?
How Can I Deal With Insomnia. I Can't Tolerate The Lack Of Sleep Any More?
Suicide???wot r your opinions?
I am an old alcholic (turn 40 this year) is there life?
Am I A Cutter?
How am I suppose to tell my mom I think I'm suffering from depression?
Scary Stuff --- Suicide.?
How can you successfully die without it being anything vile?
Is there any way to get out of a "downer" without tablets?
Work and depresion?
How Do I stop being sad?
Suicide Hotline?
I want to kill myself..what is the lease painfull and sucessful?
Will a person dies because he dreamt of dying in his sleep?
Does It Make You Feel Funny Inside When You Think About Death?
I'm a 16 years old girl and I'm so depressed.I really need someone to help me?
What do u do when u r sad and depressed?
My anxiety is too much for me to handle anymore, suicidal, please help?
Do you throw things or curse when you get angry?
I am relly hyper at times what should do about it?
Do you interact well with people?
How does one learn to just let it all go?
How many staff should there be on a thirty bedded unit at night?
I´m...depressed...help please?
How common is depression?
How long does depression last when on antidepresent drugs?
When I feel depressed.......?PLEASE HELP!!!!?
How to deal with depression without going to a doctor..?
Is ther any easy of gettign help to quit booze besides aa?
My son is 2 and a half. He is extremely hyper and unintentive, is adhd or add a possibility?
What can i do besides cutting?
Is mental illness a direct curse from THE LORD GOD, or satan?
My son has been diagnosed with ADHD is he over medicated?
Do you talk and answer yourself outloud, pretending someone else is talking to you?
Do you know anyone who has a weird fetish?
Don't want to live anymore, please help?
Why does so many people cut?
Is it better to dream big or dream small?
When people attempt suicide by taking say for example a large amount of Paracetamol, etc, why do people still?
I have so much anxiety at social gatherings. Insecurity. But tonite is a good friend's b-day party. Help!
Anxiety/panic attacks?
Why dont my dad listen to me that crack is killing him?
How i can get rid of depression?
I constantly think of suicide?
What is your best advice for(aging well)?
Can you ever get over having an abusive childhood.?
I need help! I think I might be depressed. What do I do?
How can i tell if my husband has Narcissistic Personality Disorder?
Does smoking weed once or twice make you dumber?
Is depression a common illness?
Why is it somedays are hell and other days are heaven?
How do you beat the blues?
How much should one suffer before considering suicide????
Do we, or should we suspect that Gordon Ramsay has a mental health problem ?
Can't work due to depression - but i need money to pay rent etc?
Anyone wanna vent?
Did i just experience a 'Blackout'..?
Could Answers could be the ideal vehicle for someone w/ multiple personality disorder?
Can losing your will to live actually cause your death?
Is Looking Hideous a Good Reason to Suicide?
I'm a confused loner. Does this make sense?
How can I release my stress?
How do you cope or do with someone that is a bully and dishes out mental abuse. Are they mental is some way??
What do you do if society has labelled you a freak, a loner, a weirdo, somebody to avoid, because you have?
Are eating disorders caused by depression?
Should people with severe learning difficulties be on contraceptives/sterilised to avoid unwanted parenthood?
I'm hearing voices and seeing things...I need help...?
Is suicide ever ok?
What can I say to grab the audiences attention for my speech...I am doing a speech on depression.?
I'm scared of not being white...?
How to find peace in the world, pl help me hw to fight from stress?
What do i do?
Im so depressed, noone knows, i need help......?
Is this a mental desiese?
Is there anything i can do about my snoring it is driving my wife mad i am 34 years old and in good fit shape?
Make me smile please?
Question about depression?
If you saw a person talking to them self would you think they were crazy?
Lately, if I drink too much, I get large blank spaces in my memory! Whats going on?
I am feeling sad and alone. Anyone have any words of encouragement?
I need to vent. Will any one listen?
Do you think viedeogames are bad for children????
I am very sleepy, and stuck at work for 5 more hours what can I do to stay awake?
Should cutters be hospitalized?
Confiding about child abuse to psychiatrist?
If you're hallucinating, how do you know if they were real or not?
Do i have a personality disorder?
I feel depressed .?
What makes you cry?Sad movies don't count.?
Do I have schizophrenia?
Do you ever feel?
What's wrong with me.....?
What is the difference between 'depression' and being 'sad'?
Self-harmer? what excuses do u use if anyone sees?
How do people hear voices?
Should i go to bed or should i stay up and do more questions.?
Suicide..what to do..?My life has seemed to reach an all time low.and it has been the way for a good while.?
I'm a manic depressant can someone cheer me up right now.?
I cannot eat chicken and eggs on the same day.?
Please help me. problems are esculating at the mo. my husband is injecting a coctail of coke + heroin paranoid
What ways can you calm yourself down after watching the scariest movie. I'm so scared! HEELP!?
Whats this condition called?
Question for men: If you were depressed/stressed, would you retreat into your 'cave'?
Do you self medicate with marijuana?
I'm addicted to eating ice???? Help!!!?
When you answer a question are you surprised by personal attacks by those who have posed the question?
How to overcome negative emotions/thoughts?
How can I make these anxiety attacks stop?
The worst feeling ever..?
Anyone feel the same?
How come some people have hard upbringings and yet they?
Why Am I so mean?
How do u get a guy to ask you out?
How can I enhance my memory?
I need someone to talk to i'm very depressed right now so please chat with me please?
I was told I have a split personality. I am in two minds as to seek help. What should I do?
I can't afford therapy! What do I do?
I wake up at night and they say I ..... what is this called?
Im so tired of being mentally ill. Why does no one listen in real world?
Pay my $40,000 in credit card debt or therapy, causing me more debt?
Should I just kill myself?
My nan just died, everyone hated her because she was wicked but I still loved her?
Help! i have taken my driving test 2 times and have failed cuz of nerves.?
Will my autistic daughter ever be able to live independently do you think?
Can you make people change?
What is wrong with me? Anxiety or Depresion?
Am I crazy?
How do I get over feelings of guilt over my drug addicted past?
Understanding depression.....?
I get depressed quite frequently.?
I'm scared my parents will see my cuts, what can I do?
Can you really get stuck in a trip when you use LSD/Acid.?
Is there any real cure for the combination of anxiety and depression?
I had a scary weird dream, what does it mean?
What is the best way to deal with mood swings?
Any depression conquerers out there?
What do you think so many of today's kids have Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?
Would i benefit from going on the sick?
How come i keep panicking for no reason?
Is it ok to listen to enya?
A poem I wrote about depression?
How to live with an unnormal person?!?